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Who would win a battle between spartan 300 and medievil knights?

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September 13, 2011 9:55PM

I will start by saying the film "300" isn't a true depiction of a Spartan soldier, they did infact were heavy armor.

In doing so they were a Hoplite, and a single one may fall to a knight, but a group could overcome many.

However there could be a interesting study, since knights on horse could only be able to attack the flanks of the phalanx they would do limited damage. however dismounted knights armed with a Poleax would give Spartans a serious run for their money, the biggest threat to th knight is the spartan's shield but since it is bronze i doubt that it'll hold to the pounding of a Knights weapon and once that is taken away the spartan is left with just a spear a weapon Knights see as a serfs weapon and they know how to defeat a spear.