Who would win a fight a hyena or a jaguar?

a Jaguar.Hyenas are only agile and having the most powerful bite of all the mamals.However that won't help.the jaguar has twice as long fangs and large, retactable claws. There 's a lot of reports of jaguar killing crocodiles.The croc dominates in bite force in animal kingdom.Jaguar had a muscular body and no bodyfat.it can weight 120 kg and hyena 76kg.the hyena hasn't got chance,but maybe a leopard it might bethe victorius

Sorry, but I think I hyena would have a very good chance against a jaguar. You're right, the jaguar is overall more powerful overall, but don't underestimate a hyenas bite. I've seen videos of single hyenas holding up pretty good againt a lioness, which are much bigger than jaguars. Also, jaguars are only found in the Americas, and crocs there are much smaller than ones found in Africa. A jaguar wouldn't stand a chance against a nile or salt water croc.