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Q: Who would win a fight between Smurf and squirrel?
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Who would win in a fight between a kitten and a Smurf?

My money is on the kitten. The Kitten would eat the smurf, so the kitten wins.

Who would win in a fight a mouse or a squirrel?

I would have to say the squirrel. Sure, mice can easily run and hide but squirrels are fierce, and fast. They know what they want. That's why I think a squirrel would win.

What would happen if you crossed Harry Potter with a Smurf?

You would get a blue, Mayan wizzard You would get Harry Smurf

What is the best smurf on Smurf Village?

It would be the best if you could buy jockey

Who would win in a fight pet ferret vs wild squirrel?

A ferret would win, housecats fight domestic ferrets a lot and the ferret usually drives the cat off. Cats have greater weaponry, skill and size but ferrets have greater speed, agility, mobility, ferocity, and strategy. No wonder they would win!

What would the offspring between a tiger and a squirrel be called?

non existent

What happens when you are a Smurf?

Life goes on as usual. The odd thing is that if you were a smurf, the mystery for YOU would be: What happens when you are a human!

Who would win Chewbacca or a Smurf?


What is better for Halloween a Smurf or a crippled person?

A smurf. A crippled person could be offended, and you should never offend people with costumes. Also, a smurf costume would be easier.

How much would a Smurf toy cost today?

it would cost over $200 because it was a popular t.v. show back then who would ever want a fricken smurf toy

Is the squirrel and rabbit hybrid real?

A hybrid between squirrels and rabbits would be impossible: squirrels have 40 chromosomes, rabbits have 44 chromosomes.

Is the chinchilla a squirrel?

a chinchilla isn't a squirrel its a chinchilla if it was a squirrel it would be called a squirrel. they are like rabbits fat and fluffy