Who would win a fight if lion and bull moose fought?

Updated: 9/27/2023
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It depends on which one got horns and which one is stronger. The bull is quite faster and dangerous than an ox would unless the ox got cornered. They both might have sharp horns and strong muscles that can kill, but usually bulls tend to more fiercer than ox would. Even if the ox is heavier in weight and strength, the bull is more skilled in fighting. A bull can throw a man very far and high, while an ox cannot.

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A single lion wouldn't even think twice about not challenging a bull, especially a large one with horns. But in a fight, the bull may win (after sustaining some injuries from the lion's teeth and claws) because of his power and ability to simply toss the lion around like a rag doll.

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Bull moose if it is on the rut and is about to attack. Otherwise, the lion because of its great fighting skills and experience only if it avoided the antlers.

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Q: Who would win a fight if lion and bull moose fought?
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If a Werewolf and a Bull Moose fought who would win?


Who would win in a fight a Moose or a Bull?

A bull will win because mooses are weak very weak

Who would win a fight a crocodile or a bull moose?

A crocodile and a bull moose would never meet in the wild, but even if they did fight, either may win. A saltwater crocodile would beat a bull moose in water because of its 2000 pounded weight, sharp tough skin, and enormous size with the jaws. If they fought on land, the bull moose could trample the saltwater crocodile to death, but the saltwater crocodile might be too heavy and too big for the bull moose to kill. Even though the bull moose on the rut can kill a grizzly bear or a brown bear, the saltwater crocodile could drag an alive polar bear to the water and drown it! Saltwater crocodiles are like the strongest creatures on land and water!

Who would win in a fight a bull moose or a mountain lion?

a mountain lion of coarse

Can a bull moose kill a pack of wolves?

The question depends on the quantity and strength of the wolves, and the strength and health of the bull moose. Usually, a pack of wolves (5 or more wolves) would attack and kill a young moose or an injured moose that is too weak to fight any longer. Wolves always look for weak animals for them to kill, like an injured moose. Even if the wolves attack a healthy, strong moose, the wolves would win but they would get some members injured. Bull moose can sometimes drive off a pack of wolves if they are large and the wolves were not eager to fight down it. But bull moose can also kill or fend off a pack of wolves if they were strong and healthy enough to do so. Bull moose are pretty aggressive and powerful enough to kill grizzly bears or brown bears, which makes them quite dangerous enough to fight off a pack of wolves. Ten or eleven strong wolves are enough to bring down a healthy, strong rutting bull moose if they avoid the moose's hooves/antlers, and gave painful bites to the hamstrings.

Who will win in a fight between two men and a moose?

The moose, especially if the moose is a bull moose on the rut, would knock out the two men easily if the two men do not run away fast. Moose are standing quite taller than a human and can even send a grizzly bear flying. Even if the two men had knives or clubs, the moose (if the moose was a bull moose) would gore the two men with its large antlers to death and tear them out.

What bear can kill a bull moose?

No bear would dare mess with, let alone kill a bull moose on the rut.

Who would win a fight a bison or a bull moose?

That all depends on the sex, age, reproductive and health status of the moose, and the age, health of the bull as well as whether he's got horns or not. If the bull has no horns and the bull moose does (as a result of being involved in the rutting season), then the moose would win. Cow moose with calves versus polled bull, cow moose may win by driving off the bull with her flailing hooves. If she's in heat....well that's a different story. Now what if the bull does have horns? The fight would turn out a little differently, especially when a rutting bull moose is set to do battle against a horned bull. Bulls' heads are set lower to the ground than the moose and consequently may gore the moose with his horns. The bull may not be able to do this if the moose meets him full-on and they start a head-butting match. But, since a bull is often quite a bit heavier, more muscular and larger-boned than a moose, the bull would be able to push the moose around enough to make it give up and move off in defeat. If a bull moose may get its antlers at the belly of the bull, it could do a bit of damage, but probably not enough to kill him.

Can a moose kill a wolf?

Yes. Bull moose or cow moose can kill a wolf with their hooves or antlers(only for bull moose).

When was The Bull Moose After Party created?

The Bull Moose After Party was created in 2005.

What are male mooses called?

A male moose is called a bull moose.

Who would win in a fight a camel or a moose?

It really could all depend on what kind of tiger, but I would initially say tiger. A tiger and a bull moose are both really awesome and strong but ultimately- Tiger.Answer 2:They are very capable of killing each other. It really depends on the type of the tiger and the size of the bull moose. A Siberian tiger could kill a moose because it is so large and strong enough to break a moose's neck. However, if the bull moose knocked the tiger with its antlers and sliced it open with its hooves, it might have a chance to win the fight.