Who would win between Goku and Superman?

If you only watch cartoons and movies, learn something... We talkin' source. Da books, son.

Superman>Goku. True story.

Superman is as powerful as the story calls for. Goku strives to be the best while Superman holds back his full potential. That's the difference. They're coming from opposite sides of the spectrum.

Silver age Superman sneezed a solar system away.... I'll repeat that.

Silver age Superman sneezed a solar system away.

Superman One Million can do, like, everything. Reality warping for example. Pretty standard for herald level beings which he certainly is, at the very least and is more likely to be a Skyfather level being, maybe greater, but it's speculative. Silver Surfer could whoop Goku and he's a herald level being. A very high one.

I feel like the only reason this debate still exists is because DBZ fanboys don't listen or read the arguments against them and go, "Lalalalalala. I can't hear you. Lalalalalala. Goku is a god. Lalalalalalala. Instant Transmission. Lalalalalala."...It's like, do you boys even realize how much more material DC comics have created on Superman than Toriyama has for Goku? Or the shyt he's survived or accomplished? It's like, how has it gone on this long? Goku is strong, but no where near Superman strong. You're just ignorant or were and now you're just ignoring the truth, because it hurts.

Also, the writing in Dragonball is pretty straight forward and predictable. The fate of the world/galaxy/universe always hinges on if the Z fighters (mainly Goku) can punch and blast their way to a victory. Superman has been written to display feats in ways Goku and Co. have never been able to demonstrate, i.e. holding a book of infinite pages. Or realigning planets. Older comics are phuckin' silly and full of over the top fantastical feats that you'll not likely ever see in Dragonball anything.

The physical strength difference alone is a serious cause for concern for Goku.

Seriously, if we were talking Superboy Prime, Goku would be murdered in a brutal way. He'd just grab him and do horrible things. Burn him. Crush him. Beat him to mush. Rip him apart. Guy's a psychopath.

Wanna point out that I have no dog in this fight. I don't like Dragonball anymore. it's just the phuckin' Goku and Vegeta show now and it's mostly just Goku. Same rehashed shyt with new paint. Nothing feels more powerful or like a new echelon, either. Just a new hair color. Toriayma knows his demographic and that these plebs are easy to please. And Superman? Dude is stupid powerful. OP actually and while that makes him admirable for holding back and being the best example of the very best of us, he's still kinda boring.

I'm just a champion for common sense and logic. I wouldn't lie to you or be misinformed on what I say.

You'll be alright. Make a fan fic about it.