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usa King Kong would win and the japanes king kong would win defantly

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Who would win in a fight between King Kong vs The Flash?

king kong, the flash could never damage king kong

Who Would Win Red Eye King Or Vastatosaurus?

Vastatosaurus. Because Its The King Of The Dinosaurs And It Could Beat Godzillasaurus And Red Eye King Everyone Has To Like Him He Looks Smarter Than King Kong And Its Smarter Best And Faster And Its The Largest Its The Size Of A Godzillas Belly Its A Meat Eater Its The Bestest Dinosaur Ever.

Who would win in a fight between King Kong and mammoth?

KING KONG!! Just smash it off the cliff!!King Kong will win by smashing it off the cliff of the mountains, but wolly-mammoth can have a chance to win by ramming into king Kong.

Who would win King Kong or bumblebee?

answer 1 king kong + bumblebee = king kong answer 2 bumblebee + king kong = bumblebee

Who would win King Kong vs Frankenstein?

King Kong is a giant ape and Frankenstein is a monster that is the size of a man. King Kong would tear Frankenstein apart. So King Kong would win.

Who would win a 100000 ft King Kong or a 2 ft Godzilla?

King Kong would win, because King Kong would sit on Godzilla.

What is the difference between King Kong and Godzilla?

King Kong is an ape. Godzilla is a Dinosaur.

Who would win King Kong or bigfoot?

king kong will win because king kong is like huge and strong but bigfoot is not that strong like king kong

Gozilla vs King Kong 2?

king kong would win

Who would win in a fight King Kong vs Shazam?

King Kong is stronger but Shazam is faster and smarter. King Kong.

Who would win a fight between the US's King Kong and the Japanese's King Kong?

answer 1 if the japanes king kong was fighting the 167 foot usa king kong he could shock him with his lightning and then punch him with his lightnig and win answer 2 if usa kong was in his 167 foot tall form he could brake japanes king kong's jaw

Who would win King Kong or Optimus Prime?

king kong would win, he would rip optimus prime to peices

Who would win King Kong or Sasquatch?

King Kong, he is taller and stronger in muscle am I right?

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