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I would say definitely Ichigo, Ichigo's spirit energy itself can cause damage and his visored form and super speed bankai wouldn't give Dracula a chance to bite him xD, I can easily say Ichigo would win....

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โˆ™ 2012-08-06 00:56:22
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Q: Who would win ichigo or Dracula?
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Who would win Jason or Dracula?


Who would win in a fight Itachi or Ichigo?

bob would win

Who would win in a battle Sonic or Ichigo?

That's an easy question. Of course Ichigo would win! He could kill Sonic easily.

Who would win a ghost or Dracula?

The ghost would win first, and then Dracula would win second. Dracula would grow weak and tired chasing the ghost. The ghost has no blood, so Dracula would starve to death while he tried to catch the elusive ghost. Once Dracula dies, he would become a vengeful ghost, who would then wear the first ghost like a coat.

Who would win in a fight Ichigo or Vegeta?


Who would win Superman or Dracula?


Who would win ichigo or Naruto?

Naruto. would beat him with rasen shuriken

Who would win between Ogihci and Aizen?

i vote for ogihci because he is strongest than ichigo and ichigo is strong as aizen

Who would win in a fight Ichigo OR Kira?

Ichigo would win because he is currently at a captain-level, whereas Kira has only acheived lieutenant. This implies that Kira has not yet mastered his Bankai either

Who would win in a three way match agenst Naruto Luffy and Ichigo?

4 tailed naruto would win

Who would win ichigo or soi fon?

obviosly ichigi would win he beat kenpachi byakuya ulqiorra and aizen

Who would win in a fight goku or ichigo?

ichigo is a good fighter goku is a good fighter but you know if you look at it goku is stronger so that means goku is going 2 win

Who would win Naruto or Ichigo?

fdg sdfafasdfsdf de fsdf sd

Who is moer powerful between madara and ichigo?

Two different shows but if u could mash them madara would win unless ichigo is stronger

Who would win in a fight ichigo or aizen?

Ichigo does defeat Aizen in chapter 422 of Bleach the manga. Ichigo Beats Aizen in Episode 309 "Fierce Fighting Conclusion! Release, the Final Getsuga Tenshō!"

Who would win in a fight ichigo or haru?

haru do to the power of the ten powers tenth form

Who would win Batman or Dracula?

Batman, he would just take care of things before sunset. Dracula wouldn't even get the chance to know the fight had started.

Who would win ichigo or Sasuke?

Sasuke would win pretty easily. with the susanoó, amaterasu, totsuka blade, sharingan, chidori, adn curse mark, sasuke would win. Sasukes also faster than ichigo and better trained. Sasuke can use justsu while ichigo has a zanpactu which can be broken. Ichigo will win. he is a hollow and he can use bankai and does not give up Also forgotting ichigo will easily win because he gives faith in his zangestu and is a hollow.Sasuke can not obtain the charkra or spirit force that ichigo contains compared to him.Ichigo can kil sauske in one hit. I say sasuke would win. He's got the sharingan. Which can read very fast movements even though ichigo runs really fast. Also, he's got susano o'. Which has the totsuka blade and the yata shield. The shield deflects and reflects anything. The sword seals anything. He's got the amaterasu too. He'll look everywhere and burn everywhere till ichigo is dead. done. beat that! as stated in the first season of bleach nothing can harm a soul reaper but a sword wield by another soul or an attack from a hollow so sasuke's attack would be futile. Ichigo has it cause ichigo is a shinigami so sasake can't see him so yeah

Who would win super man or Dracula?

I think probably Superman, he can fly out of the way of Dracula biting him. Dracula has normal strength (apart from when it comes to biting), but Superman is a bit more...super.

Who would win in a fight Ichigo in his bankai form or Goku in his super sayain form?

Goku blindfolded

Who would win between werewolf and Dracula?

Really it depends on location and stuff. Like if a full moon was out, then the werewolf may win. But because it's dracula he would have an upperhand at experience and such. so the fight could go either way.

Why ichigo doesnt love kisshu?

because she loves masaya and even kisshu tried to win to win her. nothing would change her feelings for masaya

Why ichigo doesn't love kisshu?

Because she loves masaya. And even kisshu tried to win to win her nothing would change her feelings for masaya

Who would win in a fight Super sayain 2 teen gohan or bankai ichigo?

Gohan. He can destroy planets.

Who would win Dracula or Edward Cullen?

Edward Cullen would win because he is younger and more flexible but i woudnt know because I'm not either one of them.