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Polar bear.

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Q: Who would win in a fight- a polar bear or a narwhal?
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Can narwhals beat a polar bear in a fight?

It depends on where the fight is taking place. The majestic narwhal has the disadvantage on land and the mighty polar bear under water.

If a narwhal and a polar bear were playing a game of tennis who would win?

Of course a narwhal would win.

Who would win a fight lion or polar bear?

polar bear

Who would win in a fight a brown bear or a polar bear?

Polar bear, they are known as the most carnivorous bear.

Can a narwhal kill a polar bear?

It's possible, but very unlikely. The narwhal would have to be in a position to drive it's tusk into a vital spot on the bear, and this scenario just doesn't seem tenable.

Who would win in a fight between a polar bear and a rhino?

A polar bear would totally lose because a rhino would charge at the polar bear and knock it with its horn.

Who would win in a fight between an ox and a polar bear?

It depends on the health and size of the two animals, and the position of where are they attacking. If the ox struck the polar bear with its head or knocked its chest, the ox would win the fight. If the polar bear swiped and clawed the ox to death, the ox would be a meal of the polar bear.

Who would win in a fight Killer whale or polar bear?

the shear size and strength of the killer whale would own the polar bear

Who would beat a polar bear in a fight?

Narwhals. They are narwhals!

Who would win in a fight a pack of wolves or a polar bear?

If a pack of wolves can kill a grizzly then it can kill a polar bear!!!

What would win in a fight a polar bear or a crocadile?

On land the bear. In the water the crocodile .

Between a polar bear and a gorilla who would win in a neutral environment fight?

I don't know if such a fight has ever happened or ever will, but my guess is that the polar bear would win. Both animals are very strong, but the polar bear has bigger claws and teeth.