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thts a tough 1 but i'd say John Cena cuz he F.U.ed or attitude ajustmented the great khali and the big show at the same time so john cena

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Q: Who would win in a fight Kane or john cena?
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Is John Cena and Kane brothers?

No. John Cena and Kane are not brothers.

Why is Kane attaked john Cena?

because John cena is a real champion and kane do not wants john cena to become champion

Who won more-john Cena or Kane?

john cena

Who do you like more Kane or john cena?

i like John Cena better but Kane is kul xxxx

Who would win in a fight Brock Lesner or John Cena?

John cena

Who won the ambulance match with john cena and Kane?

john cena

Who is better Kane or John Cena?

John cena is better because Kane got beaten by MArk henry and John cena beat Mark henry so that proves John Cena is better

Who will win between John Cena and Kane?


How would win a fight 50 cent or john cena?

John cena would win in a fist fight an 50 cent would win in a in a gun fight

Who won the ambulance match john cena vs Kane 2012?

it was John Cena

Why is Kane attacking john cena?

Because he tried to be the bad guy so John Cena can fight back, but he does nothin becausge thats how they planned it out. One more thing WWE is fake!

Did John Cena or Kane win at the 2012 royal rumble?