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Who would win in a fight Link or Mario?

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Link of course!!!

In my opinion, Mario would win.

link definetly

Link. I like Mario, but hes not that great. Link would so kill him in one slash of his sword. Also if he punched Mario, Mario's big circular nose would snap off.

I bet Mario has more endurance than a little elf creature.

In a fist fight with no weapons, Mario would win. First of all, his fists are way larger than Link's. Second, Mario has more defensive capabilities. All of that "fat" has a purpose! Third, Mario's jump abilities are far greater than Link's. Link can't jump in any of his games without having to go near a ledge or a no dout he has powers bows bombs floating slippers diety mask .hes a hylian[god in his world] and hes AWESOME

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Who would win a fight Toon Link Vs Mario?

Link, of course...he has a sword. All other argument is INVALID.

Who would win link or Mario?

If link and Mario fought with each other Link would definitely win, if it was a fair fight. however if Mario had all his drugs available, (mushrooms, stars, leaves, p-wings ect.) they would end up killling each other in a flurry of pure epicness

Who would win in a fight out of Mario and cartman?

mario. cartmans fat

Who would win in a fight to the death Link or Kirby?


Who would win in a fight between Mario and Solid Snake?

Solid Snake, Mario can't really fight he is after all a plumber. If solid snake didn't cheat with weapons then Mario would win

Who would win in a fight batman or super Mario?

Mario dies when a turtle touches him. Batman can fight the Joker, and still walk away fine. Batman would win.

Who would win a fight between Mario and Link?

link, because really, with a swipe of a sword, Mario is dead. think about it, sword to a hand. But Mario could jump over that swipe and bounce onto Link's head...but link has a spinning slash and has an ocarina that can reset time

Who would win in a fight wolverine or Mario?

depends on whether or not Mario has his fireballs are turtle shell. If he does than Mario, if not wolverine.

Who would win in a fight between Link and Alexander the Great?

Link no questions asked.

Is Shadow stronger than Mario?

If there was a fight Shadow would totally win

Who would win Mario 64 Mario or ocarina of time link?

Mario because he is ultra cool and has better powers

Whom would win in a fight between Link and Ezio?


Who is better Shadow the Hedgehog or Mario?

Shadow would win in a fight, and is a better character.

Who would win in a fight a gorilla or Mario and luigi?

A gorilla probably, because they could smash the bros. WHAT KIND OF QUESTION IS THIS? Mario would win over these other 2 buffoons!

Who would win in a fight to the death Link or Pikachu?

most definitly link cuz he can throw bombs

Who would win in a fight Fox McCloud or Link?

fox mc cloud

Who would win a fight dark link or metal Mario?

Dark Link, he has a complete arsenal of weapons plus he knows all of links attributes. EDIT: Metal Mario can't be defeated whatsoever because he's made of metal, while a sword slash would feel like a tickle to him... EDIT EDIT: both of you . . . . people. . . are incorrect , yes mario is made of medal in this but he can still be dented, rusted, and. . . . . .my favorite. . . . cut. link can be cut hurt and stripped of his dark twilightien poweres. so, they would either kill each other, or link would win. you can fight over this all you want. . . but listen to the girl here.

Who would win in a fight ocarina of time link or Freddy Krueger?

Freddy Krueger.

Who would win in a fight Kirby or Mario?

kirby,he can eat mario or steal his identity.kirby is like a vacuum to suck whatever mario has.kiby could also just eat mario

Who would win in a fight in a fight between link and kratos?

kratos because of his weapons and magic and also a god but link has a god mask and an ocarina that can disrupt time

Who would win in a fight Mario or Mickey Mouse?

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Are you serious?! Mickey is a MOUSE. A MOUSE! He has no powers. Mario owns Mickey. nuff said

Who would win Mario or luigi?

Well the question is who would win in a fight Mario or Luigi. Since they are brothers they both pretty much have the same abilities. Mario runs faster , but Luigi jumps higher. It's pretty obvious that Mario would win. Other people might not agree , but that's their opinion. The reason Mario would win is because he has much more experience fighting with Browser and all that.

Who would win Superman or Mario?


Who would win in a fight mario or wario?

it would be a tie because Wario is more stronger and powerful than Mario but Mario has more skills and abilities than Wario also Mario can turn into Super Mario and Wario can turn into Wario Man.

Who would win in a fight Sonic or Sora?

Sonic would win the fight, but sora would put in one hell of a fight.

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