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The Legend of Zelda
Who Would Win

Who would win in a fight Link or Mario?



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Link of course!!!

In my opinion, Mario would win.

link definetly

Link. I like Mario, but hes not that great. Link would so kill him in one slash of his sword. Also if he punched Mario, Mario's big circular nose would snap off.

I bet Mario has more endurance than a little elf creature.

In a fist fight with no weapons, Mario would win. First of all, his fists are way larger than Link's. Second, Mario has more defensive capabilities. All of that "fat" has a purpose! Third, Mario's jump abilities are far greater than Link's. Link can't jump in any of his games without having to go near a ledge or a no dout he has powers bows bombs floating slippers diety mask .hes a hylian[god in his world] and hes AWESOME