Who would win in a fight Superman or juggernaut?

Superman's been killed. Juggernaut can't be. Superman loses.
Hmmm. Tough one. Well first off, they would be about equal n strength, unless it's 8th Day Juggernaut, who has been known to punch holes in dimensions.

Superman obviously has the speed advantage, so ti's not illogical to think he could simply grab Juggernaut and fly him to another planet before he notices. If we remove that possibility, and leave it to a slobber knocker, then I would say Juggernaut. Juggernauts Gem of Cyttorak gives him virtual invulnerability to harm. He can survive being burnt to the bone without any harm and can survive a dip in the sun, as can Superman. Juggernaut also has unlimited stamina and is unable to be stopped when he gains momentum. He doesn't need to eat, sleep, or breath, IIRC.

Superman also has his fair share of durability. He has been known to sun-dp on a regular basis, take planet destroying attacks, take dips in RED suns, and has taken Darkseid's omega-beams.

Superman also clearly has the great speed advantage. Juggernaut probably wouldn't be able to tag Superman if he tried.

So, in conclusion, I would ultimately have to say Superman. Superman with one powerful hit to his crystal the juggernaut would lose his powers. Wouldn't he