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Who would win in a fight a grizzly bear or a black bear?


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A grizzly bear would kill a black bear. The grizzly bear has so much more power, with just one swing with it's arm, it could break a bone. So, a grizzly bear would win.

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The grizzly is more lazier than the black bear, but usually in any other cases the grizzly would win the fight.

The grizzly would win. Even very large black bears have no chance against a grizzly bear because the grizzly bear is bigger.

The two black bears would win the fight because they together weigh as much as a grizzly bear, and have bad aggressions. The grizzly bear would injure the two black bears after the two black bears killed the grizzly bear.

The grizzly bear would still win the fight because it has a larger size and stronger claws and teeth.

a grizzly bear has more strengh. so the grizzly bear would win.

that would be an intersting fight. I would say that if a full-size male gorilla fought a full-size male grizzly bear, the grizzly bear would win the close fight

In actual practice, it turns out they don't fight very often. Black bears are smaller and tend to run from grizzlies rather than attempt to fight them. If it does come down to a fight, the grizzly usually wins.

The Elephant would totally win. It would stomp the grizzly bear to death.

No. A grizzly bear is more likely to kill a black bear if they cross paths than a black bear killing a grizzly. A male black bear may kill young grizzly cubs if he comes across them, and the same if a grizzly comes across black bear cubs, but a black bear is no match to a grizzly.

The grizzly bear would win because it is stronger and would stand up to claw the lion's face.

Probably the grizzly bear. The grizzly bear has more muscles, heavier weight, and larger size with stronger jaws and sharper teeth.

a polar bear will most likely win in a fight against a grizzly bear

the diffrenrance is that a grizzly bear is sort of brown and a black bear is black.... so ya :)

A grizzly bear would probably win against a Bengal tiger... BUT: a Siberian tiger would win against a grizzly.

No, the grizzly bear is bigger.

The polar bear. Polar bears are much more larger and stronger than grizzly bears, and grizzly bears are bigger and stronger than black bears.I think the black bear even though it wasn't much of a predator.Answer 2:The polar bear would definitely win the fight because the polar bear can even kill a brown bear.

It varies on the sizes and genders. Average vs. average, the male grizzly bear is a lot stronger than a male black bear. But a very large male black bear would be stronger than a small female grizzly bear.

The grizzly bear would maul the crocodile on land if the crocodile tried to attack the grizzly bear. Grizzly bears have strengths to kill a crocodile, no matter what species. In water, the crocodile may win.

That would depend on the species of bear. For instance, a lion could more than likely defeat a black bear, but a grizzly bear would be a far more dangerous opponent.

Yes. A brown bear, especially a grizzly bear, would kill and eat a black bear.

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