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The pitbull, unless the man is armed with a weapon like a sharp knife that he can use to defend himself.

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Wolf, and this is why: bigger, stronger, faster, more intelligent, much stronger jaw strength.

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dog fighting is illegal and wrong

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Q: Who would win in a fight a pit bull or man?
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Who would win in a fight pit bull or a red fox?

pit bull, their jaws are so powerful that their jaws can stop a bullet

Can you raise a pekingese with a pit bull?

If the pit bull doesn't fight to rough!

What is a China man pit bull?

Chinaman is the bloodline, Pit Bull is the breed. And its actually and American pit bull terrier.

Fight between a hyena and a pit-bull?

A hyena would win due to it agility and strength plus it is 2x as big as a pit bull

Could a Siberian husky beat a pit bull in a fight?

If bad enough to fight a pit bull with another one but facing a bit pull with another breed is worst. Don't ever face a pit bull with another breed. That is abusive.

Who will win in a fight a canary dog or a pit bull?

depends on the fight in the dog.

Who would win in a dog fight a pittbull or a bulldog?

I'd say Pit. Modern Bulldogs aren't that practical; they are not flexible or large in comparison to a Pit Bull.

Neapolitan mastiff or pit bull?

I like Pit bulls better, but they tend to fight alot. Really, i would choose the mastiff, but you have to realize this is a big breed.

What would win in a fight a 90 pound pit bull or a wolverine?

i think wolverine because have u seen him fight and those huge nails

Who would win in a fight a Tosa inu or a Pit Bull?

Dog-fighting is illegal in all 50 states of the U.S.

Is the rapper Pit Bull married to a man and has kids with him?


How will win Doberman or pit bull?

The pit bull would win. A doberman is built for speed, when the pit bull is built for power. The dobermann would win. Known as the unstoppable attack dog.