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Q: Who would win in a fight an emo kid or a wigger?
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What is a person if there emo?

There are many types of emo for example; Poser Emo Kid Plastic Emo Kid Emo Goth Kid Camera Whore Emo Kid Skater Emo Kid

What is a emo clown?

An emo kid with a clown nose.?

What is a good book for an emo kid?

it depends on what you like. there is no "proper" book for an emo kid to read. read what every you like! :)

What is the epic emo fail?

A magor emo epic fail is basically just a poser that completely fails at trying to be an emo kid.

Is there such a thing as an emo adult?

I guess so, but they probably don't act like an emo kid

What is the meaning of emo off?

It means that someone knows an emo and they want the emo kid to stay away, it is the same thing as nerd away!

How do you say Emo Cafe in Spanish?

i am a stpiued kid

Who sings emo kid song?

Hollywood undead

Who sings the song emo kid?

Adam and Andrew.

Can you dress emo but not be emo?

Of course! But be aware, if you look emo in the eyes of others, the be prepared to be called emo............ umm okay answer before me was good but when i got called emo i just said im a scene kid and they stopped calling me emo

Who would win in a fight pre-crisis superman or kid buu?

kid buu

Who is the cutest kid at your school?

Emo Kid, but also known as....... Sorry can't tell you!! LOLOLOL