Who would win in a fight between 2 dogs and a cattlebeast?

Depends on what cattlebeast we are talking here, and whether it is horned or not. A bull tends to be more ferocious than a cow would, and double that when he's got horns. However, a cow can be just as dangerous if she has a calf that she needs to protect with her life. Two dogs, when they're working together, are often great at taking down an animal larger than themselves. And it really doesn't matter what type or size they are! One distracts the bovine while the other comes in behind and tears out the hamstrings. Then when the bull or cow or whatever cannot stand any more and is too tired to fight anymore, then they go in for the kill. However, the one distracting the bovine would have to be really careful about getting in the way of those horns, otherwise it will end up one on one, and the bovine will win.