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Who would win in a fight between Hulk and Wolverine?

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Wolverine would kill Hulk due to the fact that his adamantium claws could cut through Hulk, and Hulk could never truly kill Wolverine due to his healing factor

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Who would win a fight Hulk or Wolverine?


Who would win in a fight between Hulk vs Wolverine?

Hulk would smash his claws. Hulk has no options. He will punch Wolverine and knock him out. Wolverine has two options. He'd either leave Hulk alone or fight him and lose. Hulk's punch would take away Wolverine's power and if he dies, he can't go back to life. Hulk would win.

Who would win in a fight Wolverine and Hulk vs Daken and Rulk?


Who will fight hulk?


Who would win between sabretooth and hulk?

Its kinda like a fight between Hulk and Wolverine. Hulk would keep getting Sabretooth and Sabretooth wouldn't know when to quit. In the end I think Hulk would win, unless he changed back into Bruce Banner.

Would hulk win against wolverine?

No way Wolverine would kill him!!!!!!!!!!!! Not true. The Hulk would win because in this movie called the Hulk vs Wolverine the Hulk kicked Wolverine's butt. Even though Wolverine has healing factor he can still get knocked out. The only way Wolverine could kill the Hulk is if the Hulk was Bruce Banner, but even if Wolverine stabbed Bruce he would get angry and turn into the Hulk before he would die then when he turned into the Hulk the Hulk would heal.

Who would win wolverine or the hulk?


Who won wolverine or hulk?

Wolverine would knock the hulk out but the hulk can rip him apart and destroy his bones which can kill him.

Who would win in a fight hulk or wolvirene?

The Incredible Hulk can withstand explosions, fire, and bullets. Wolverine has claws. Hulk would rip him into two pieces before he had the chance to do anything.

Who would win in a fight between hulk and galactus?


Who has beaten the Hulk in a fight?

SupermanThe ThingWolverineJuggernaut

Who would win in a fight between a gorilla and hulk?

Hulk would kill

Who would win The Hulk or wolvirene?

Wolverine can't be killed hulk heals to read the comics their fight never ends so i think their evenly matched hulk has ripped Wolverines legs off in ULTIMATE WOLVERINE VS HULK and wolverine has slit hulks throat they both lived so their is large debate on this but if you take into account hulk gets calm he is bruise wolverine cuts his head off

Who would win She-Hulk or wolverine?

of course she-hulk

Who would win hulk v wolverine?

I am not sided for either one but they do have encounters, wolverine is very scrappy. Normally he finds the hulk and when hulk sees him it triggers memories of wolverine. Hulk becomes enraged and starts thrashing wolverine, the hulk eventually turns back to Bruce banner and they go there separate ways, but if they did have an intense battle to the death- Wolverine would surely win.

Who would win in a fight hulk wolverine and thor?

Hulk has beaten both Wolverine and Thor in battle. Hulk has ripped Wolverine in half, skeleton and all.However, as mentioned in the Avengers in the 1990's, Thor's powers on Earth are subject to the limitations on his godhood. It is conceivable that Thor, using his full Olympian power, could obliterate the Hulk.Thor issue #385 Thor loses to the hulk

Who will in a fight between superman goku and the incredible hulk?

hulk would win

Who would win in a fight between the incredible hulk and hellboy?

Das Hulk.

Who would win a fight between the Devil Hulk or Iron Man?

devil hulk and he is not the strongest hulk

Who would win a fight between Hulk Hogan and Bruce Lee?

hulk hogan

Who would win in a fight between Hulk vs Optimus Prime?

i think it would be Incredible hulk

Who would win in a fight between hulk and she hulk?

The hulk because he is She hulks cousin and the hulk is the strongest marvel hero ever!

Who would win in a fight between hulk and Godzilla?

HULK VS GODZILLA Godzilla would kill hulk considering hulk lost to all heros

Who is better wolverine or hulk?

As I recall in the "What If" comics of Marvel. Hulk killed Wolverine!

Can the hulk kill wolverine?

If Hulk were to decapitate the Wolverine, then yes, he could kill him.

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