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It'll be hard fight because there's lots of strong characters in marvel and DC so ......

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Nelly Dimassi

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3y ago
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defenetly dc universe!

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Q: Who would win in a fight marvel or dc universe?
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Who would win a fight Marvel or Pokemon characters?


Who would win in a fight between DC and Marvel Comics?

Marvel would win DC sucks balls

What if nami from One Piece was to fight thor from Marvel who would win?


Who would win a battle between marvel universe and dc universe?

I woud say there prety evenly matched but i guess dc

Who would win a fight, New Gods (DC) or Eternals (Marvel)?

Eternals. Definitely.

Who would win in a fight Nami from One Piece or Gambit from Marvel Comics?


If kratos from god of war fight thor from marvel who would win?

Thor would win because he can easily use Odin Force to destroy Kratos.

Who would win in a fight between DC and Marvel Comics with good reason?

It is hard to say. It really depend on which characters show up to fight.

Who would win in a fight between super vegito or Superman?

Depends on the version of superman you are using.

Who would win between marvel and dc?

It would be pretty much TOAA vs The Presence. TOAA (marvel) would win.

Who would win in a fight between hulk and she hulk?

The hulk because he is She hulks cousin and the hulk is the strongest marvel hero ever!

Who would win in a fight she-hulk or rhino from Marvel Comics?

The Hulk is the strongest Character in Marvel and since She-Hulk is his cousin she is very strong as well. Although she is weaker than the Hulk I would say she is still stronger than Rhino. So She-Hulk beats Rhino. I better fight would be The Thing vs Rhino :D But Thing would probably win.