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Paintball leaves a larger welt therefore it would win.

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Q: Who would win in an air soft vs paintball war?
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Can you use halo suits in a air soft war?

I don't know man, But hey! do it. That would make for one epic game of air soft!

What protection should you use in a paintball gun war?

A certified paintball specific mask is required. Do not use Ballistic goggles, air soft goggles shop goggles, Welding masks, ski goggles, swim goggles, Bmx helmets, police helmets or anything not designed for the sport of paintball. Besides that, a cup and paintball chest protector help to lessen the sting. A hat and neck protector also do very well in absorbing impact.

Where to have an air soft war?

At a facility designed for it.

What can you do with an air soft gun?

You can do target practice, or you can have an airsoft war with your friends! I have been in an airsoft war and it is very fun!

Where can friends go to have a paintball war?

There are a number of places where one can go with friends to have a paintball war. While one could use any large, open field, there are plenty of paintball facilities that one could go to.

What is the best World War 2 air soft gun you can get for under 100?

ak -47

What to where during an air soft war?

I suggest wearing camouflage military clothing or hunting apparel that is light weight but durable. Also, some padding such as a air soft vest or a coat will soften the hits.

Is it illegal to have an air-soft war in maple grove MN?

You may only play airsoft on your property, or property you have permission to play on.

Can you get in trouble for shooting someone with a air soft?

You can if they agree to be shot or are playing in an airsoft war. They might sue you if you just walk up and shoot them though

Does playing paintball make a better soldier?

Paintball is used by several militaries in training, including the US and GB. Paintball is not a perfect simulation of war by any standards, but It is preferred by many over laser systems or blueguns, because of the actual projectiles used, and their relative low cost.

World War 2 air raid what meaning?

air raid sirens would signal there was going to be an air attack when this happened people would cram into air raid shelters

What was the paintball gun on this means war?