Who would win mothra or battra?

Updated: 9/19/2023
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i think mothra has a bigger change of winning for some reason.

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Q: Who would win mothra or battra?
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Who is mothra arch enemy?

battra the black mothra mothra's twin brother the yin to her yang

How do you get battra on Godzilla unleashed for the Wii?

you cant get battra in the wii version but in the ps2 version you could get him but hes a clone of mothra

Who would win gigan or mothra?

probably gigan

Who would win mechagodzilla or mothra?

mechagodzilla, because he is more powerful.

Who would win mothra vs megalon vs destroyah vs megaguiruis?


When was Battra created?

Battra was created in 1992.

Who would win mothra or Godzilla?

A Butterfly, albeit a giant one, and a Dinosaur, it is not a fair contest. If such creatures existed, they would, well seek out their own boundaries.

Who would win Godzilla vs king ghidorah vs destroyah vs spacegodzilla vs monster x vs mothra?


Why does Giratina sound like mothra?

Don't know why but it sounds like Battra too. And Palkia sounds like King Ghidorah. I guess the legendaries all sound alike to Godzilla monsters. The creators probably wanted to make them sound similar.

How do you get battra in Godzilla unleashed?

Battra is only available for the PlayStation 2 version.

When was Mothra created?

Mothra was created in 1961.

How ad battra in the wii verion on Godzilla unlushed?

battra in godzilla unlushed wii verison