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None would win. It is a matter of preference and affordability. In addition there are games that can only be played on a given console.

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Q: Who would win ps3 vs ps2 vs psp vs xbox vs xbox360 vs wii vs wii you vs game boy vs gamecube?
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Catwoman is an old game for the PC PS2 GameCube and Xbox The PS2 and Xbox game was released on July 21, 2004

Does blockbuster have GameCube games?

After looking at the site for the mail order games, I would say no. The game systems that are included are: Nin DS, Nin3ds, ps2,ps3,psp, wii, xbox360, and xbox.

Can you play Xbox360 game on Xbox?


How can you support an Xbox game that is not supported by Xbox 360?

You can't. Xbox360 can only play Xbox360 games.

Can you an Xbox360 game on an Xbox?

no the xbox can not understand the format of a xbox 360 game (its too new to be used on an xbox)

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no but it is on xbox

How do you play Xbox games on Xbox360?

put the xbox game in the 360

How can you yous Xbox codes with Xbox game that your playing on a Xbox360?

Go to

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depends on the game

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There is a Sims 2 game for the XBox.

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three places gamestop: don't take xbox any more gamecube:$8 gamecrazy: xbox:$16 gamecube:$10 gamemaster: xbox:$10 gamecube:$6

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Buy an xbox.