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Who asks questionsWIkiAnswers visitors ask questions. You wrote this one! :-)

well idk i am looking 4 more ways 2 write, but thx whoever wrote this question : ) and thx 4 trying, i still cant write any :(

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โˆ™ 2013-01-14 22:20:53
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Q: Who writes these questions?
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Who writes the answers for the questions?

the owners for the site answer most of them i guess. but kids and other people also answer the questions.

What do you see in me?

A person who is so bored that he or she writes silly questions on WikiAnswers.

Who answer the questions for Justin Bieber?

Everybody answers Justin bieber questions, who ever knows the answer just writes it and hopes its correct (:

WRITES notes on future of material management and traffic management?

I ask to you this questions now, please

Who writes drakes lyrics?

really stop hating off drake he writes his own lyrics just because he sing a lot with Lil Wayne that doesn't mean anything he writes his own lyrics so stop asking dumb questions like this

What are some literary criticism questions on Major Barbara?

Shaw writes words depending on how they sound...this can be difficult readers who are not used to that. Shaw writes words depending on how they sound...this can be difficult readers who are not used to that.

What are the radiator hose parts to a 2001 5.9 liter durango?

2 hose clamps and a hose.......................? Who writes these questions?

Who writes answers on

People all over the world contribute to answering questions. No matter what background they're from, or what their opinions are, everybody is welcome to answer questions on Wiki Answers as long as they are appropriate, and do not contain vandalism.

Who is the person who writes the answer to these question?

other people write answers for each other like i am right now they help you answer your questions and you help answer theirs

Who is the sad person that answers the questions?

i don't know exact the person who writes this but i think they are sad BTW i am not sad i just wrote this to tell you!

Who was the inventor of wikki pedia?

we are not exactly sure but the answers do not come from one person, everyone contributes and writes answers to the questions they know. @lex!

What do we call a person who writes songs?

A composer writes the music. A lyricist writes the words.

In the music video What Sarah Said what does the girl write on the mirror?

In the mirror she writes, "He loves me." On her hand she writes, "A little?" On the wall she writes, "A Lot?" On her arm she writes, "Passionately?" On her leg she writes, "Unto madness?" And then she writes on the mirror, "He loves me, not at all."

What is a sentence with the word writes?

An author is someone who writes books.He writes fictional horror stories.He writes the cheque out for the life-sized Dalek.

Who writes stories for newspapers?

The people who write stories for newspapers are known as journalists. They do this by collecting information from many people and gathering facts by asking questions.

Who writes bring me the horizon's music?

Oli Sykes writes the lyrics, and the band writes the music.

Who writes Cody Simpson's songs?

Cody writes and co-writes all of his songs himself.

When bob Ewell writes out his name what does the jury see?

gggs... dont use wiki....use enotes especially if u want answers to questions from a book

Who writes for lil Wayne?

He writes himself, freestyles.

Who writes john mayer's music?

He writes it himself.

Who writes Jason Derulo's songs?

he writes them himself

What writes on duct tape?

Sharpie writes on EVERYTHING

What is a libretto and who writes it?

klaithem ali erahim writes it

Who writes the pendragon series?

D.J Machale writes them

Can you write me a sentence with the word writes?

An author is a person that writes books.She writes code faster than anybody else.My best friend writes excellent stories.