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Carter Burwell.

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Q: Who wrote Bella's lullaby from twilight on piano?
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Who wrote bellas lullaby?

carter burwell

Who plays the piano part in the Bella's Lullaby official not River Flows In You from Twilight?

ANSWERCarter Burwell. He wrote the 'bella's lullaby' that you hear during the movie Twilight.

What is the name of the piano music in the movie Twilight?

It is called 'Bella's Lullaby' because in the book Edward hums it to her while she is going to sleep so she named it her lullaby and because Edward wrote it for her.

Does Robert Pattinson write his own music?

He has 2 original songs on the Twilight soundtrack. Never Think (played in the restaurant scene in Twilight) and Let Me Sign (Played when he was sucking the venom out of her arm and having the flashbacks in Twilight) Youtube them, they are amazing yes! he does write his own music. He has his own band. He wrote the song never think in the twilight movie (scene where him and Bella are on the restraunt). His friend from his band wrote another one and he played Bella's lullaby by Carter Burwell on the piano! He also wrote a different "Bella's Lullaby" that was originally gonna be in the film, but then Carter Burwell came along. You can see the original Bellas Lullaby by going on Youtube and searching "Edward's Piano Concert" or buying the movie with the Special Features. twilight fanatic

Which girl sings Bella's lullaby?

Bellas Lullaby isn't sung at all.Its a lullaby edward wrote for her an instumental piece.Its played by carter burwell but he was missing on one day so Robert pattinson came up with a different version

What is the make of the piano in twilight?

there is a specific scene where Edward Cullen (Robert pattinson) is playing a song for Bella (Kristen Stewart0that he wrote for the movie in real life it's called Bella's lullaby

What is renesmee's lullaby?

**DONT READ IF U HAVEN'T READ BREAKING DAWN BY STEPHANIE MEYER** Renesmee is Edward Cullen's(from Twilight) daughter. Her lullaby is something he wrote out of his love for her-sort of like Bella's lullaby.

Who wrote the song her from The Twilight Saga?

if you are talking about the song that edward plays for Bella it is called Bella's Lullaby and it is by Carter Burwell

Who wrote Esme's favorite?

It has been rumored that the song is "Long Night" by Star Salzman. The song is not even mentioned in the first Twilight movie, instead it moves straight into Bella and Edward at the piano playing Bella's Lullaby -Carter Burwell.

What is the name of Bella and Edward's song in twilight?

Rachel.C.: they don't have a song but edward wrote one for Bella. it's called Bella's lullaby.

Why are their 2 different 'Bella's Lullaby' on the Twilight Soundtrack and Twilight The Score?

becauz rob pattinson wrote one and the music thing director wrote or composed it better there actually was a rumor going around that river runs in you was going to be Bella's lulaby, but that isdnt true. still its a great song. River Runs in You is the 1st version, the original of Bella's Lullaby. River Runs in You is by Yiruma and Bella's Lullaby is by Carter Burwell

Did Robert Pattinson write Bella's Lullaby?

No he didn't, Robert Pattinson did however sing two tracks for the movie. Bella's Lullaby was written by Carter Burwell-- who also wrote all of the instrumentals for twilight the movie.

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