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Q: Who wrote Children have more need of models than of critics?
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More models need to be plus sized because it sends an unrealistic image to children.?

More models need to be plus sized because it sends an unrealistic image to children.

How did people see critics in 1939?

I am not sure what kind of critics you are asking about. There were movie critics, art critics, even radio critics (TV had not yet come onto the scene) and they wrote for the major newspapers and magazines. There were also syndicated columnists who wrote about politics and current events for the newspapers. But in 1939 it is true that people tended to be more trusting of authority figures and more likely to believe what "experts" said. As for what they thought of the critics, we do not have much audience research about it; however, some of the critics were very well-known and their ideas seemed to be respected. Two good examples from the late 1930s were syndicated columnists Walter Lippmann and Dorothy Thompson, who wrote about politics and current events. But it should be noted that "criticism" was often mild back then. It was a more courteous age, so some of the reviews of movies or radio shows would not have been as scathing or sarcastic as what we see today.

Why did roald dahl write 4 children?

because his writings started to get more fictional as he wrote more

What are the usual weight limits for a children's trampoline?

The weight limit of a children's trampoline is around 75 lbs. Larger and more rugged models can support between 200 lbs and 300 lbs with high end models supporting up to 450 lbs.

Where do you get more MikuMikuDance Models?

You can get more models by going on

Where can you get more MikuMikuDance models?

you can get more models from searching on mikumikudance models download link and my custom mmd models ect.

How many children can a Bugaboo Cameleon carry?

The Bugaboo Cameleon is designed to carry just one child at a time. Some models are available that will securely transport two or more children.

Who wrote the background music to an old 1989 Evian TV commercial which depicted various models sitting or standing by presumably a swimming pool?

Hayley Moss wrote the music View the related links for a website where you can search for more information.

What film critic wrote the Batman begins film review?

Well firstly I don't think Critics are animals and secondly I don't think Batman is one himself. Can you be more specific? What did the critic say? Does he write for a specific publication?

What kind of changes did church critics want to be made by Luther?

church critics wanted to mke many change such as : it ways to become more spirituals and humble

Why does mark twain want adults as well as children to read Tom Sawyer?

because he wrote it and he gets more money if everybody reads it

What will happen to Pregnant women who inhale more polluted air are more apt to have children with lower IQs?

I think the person who wrote this question inhaled a lot of polluted air.