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Charlotte Bronte wrote Emma and Jane Eyre. Thats wrong.

Charlotte Bronte wrote Emma Brown, which was unfinished when she died.

Jane Austen wrote Emma.

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Q: Who wrote Emma and Jane Eyre?
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Who wrote the novel Jane Eyre?

Charlotte Brontë wrote the book in 1846.Jane Eyre was actually written under the pseudonym Currer Bell. It was not even originally called Jane Eyre; it was actually published under the title Jane Eyre An Autobiography.

Who wrote the book Emma?

Jane Austen wrote Emma.

Who co-wrote Jane Eyre?

Charlotte Bronte was the only author of the book Jane Eyre.

Did Jane Austen or Charlotte Bronte write Jane Eyre?

Charlotte Bronte wrote Jane Eyre.

Who wrote the book Jane Eyre?

Charlotte Brontë

Who Wrote Jane Eyre?

Charlotte Bronte, 1847

Who wrote Jane Eyre novel?

Charlotte Bronte

What does Jane Eyre do?

Jane Eyre is a governess.

What point of view is Jane Eyre wrote in?

First person - words such as "I", "my", and "me" are used.

What similes are in Jane Eyre?

What similes are in Jane Eyre?

Style of Jane Eyre story?

how does Jane Eyre survive in her aunt hose ??? how does Jane Eyre survive in her aunt hose ??? how does Jane Eyre survive in her aunt hose ???

Who is Charlotte Bronte?

She was a very famous Victorian writer who wrote such classics as 'Jane Eyre'.

Who was John Eyre in the book John Eyre?

John Eyre was Jane Eyre's uncle in the book, "Jane Eyre." He was a Maderian trader that was looking for Jane.

Is Jane Eyre fiction?

Yes, Jane Eyre is a fictional book.

Who wrote the navel Jane Eyre?

Charlotte Bronte, under the fake name Currer Bell.

Who are good female book characters to dress up as?

Pipi longstocking, dorothy. Jane Eyre, Elizabeth Bennet and Emma.

Who is the Actress that played Jane Eyre in A and E's Jane Eyre?

Samantha Morton

When was Jane Eyre created?

Jane Eyre was created on 1847-10-16.

Did Jane Eyre play the piano?

Yes Jane Eyre plays the piano.

Did Shakespeare write Jane Eyre?

No, Jane Eyre was written by Charlotte Brontë.

What was the kinds motifs of novel Jane Eyre?

What "were" the kinds of motifs in Jane Eyre.

Who is Jane Eyre a governess for?

Jane Eyre is a governess for Adele. (Mr.Rochester's daughter)

Would you recommend Jane Eyre?

I would highly recommend Jane Eyre. If you like Wuthering Heights, Frankenstein, or even anything by Jane Austen, Jane Eyre is probably for you.

What is the climax in Jane Eyre?

The climax in the book Jane Eyre is when Jane hears Mr. Rochester say, "Jane! Jane! Jane!" while she was at Moor House.

Who was John Eyre in Jane Eyre?

John Eyre was Jane's uncle who was a trader in Madeira who came finding for Jane when she was at Lowood.