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Prince Dimitry of Russia wrote the constitution.

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Q: Who wrote Europe constitution?
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Related questions

Who wrote the constitution of Ireland?

who wrote the constitution of Ireland

Who wrote the first constitution?

thomas Jefferson wrote the first constitution

Who wrote Carolina's constitution?

John Locke wrote the constitution of Carolina.

Who wrote the constitution of indapendence of the US?

Who wrote the Constitution of the United states

Who wrote India constitution?

Dr. B.R Ambedkar wrote India's constitution.

Who wrote Pennsylvania's first constitution?

William Penn wrote Pennsylvania's first constitution.

Who hand wrote the U.S. Constitution?

Jacob Shallus hand wrote the U.S. Constitution.

Who were the five men who wrote the constitution?

It wasn't 5 men who wrote the constitution, but the effort of 55 men.

Who wrote the costitution?

when was the constitution wrote

Who hand wrote the final version of the constitution?

Gouverneur Morris wrote the final verstion of the constitution

Who is the author of the Massachusetts constitution?

wrote the Constitution

Who wrote most of the U.S. Constitution?

James Madison wrote most of the constitution and Alexander Hamilton and John Jay wrote some too

Who wrote the model constitution?

William Penn, wrote the Pennsylvania constitution back when America was the thirteen colonies.

What was the purpose of the Electoral College when the Framers wrote the Constitution?

What was the purpose of the Electoral College when the Framers wrote the Constitution?

Who wrote the first draft of the constitution?

According to my social studies book, Thomas Jefferson wrote the first draft of the constitution.

Why was James Madison known as the Father of the Constitution?

Madison, wrote the Virginia Plan, the basis for the U.S. Constitution, he wrote 29 of the 85 Federalsit papers, political-advertisement for the Constitution,and he wrote the Bill of Rights, which protects our rights.

Who did most of the writing on the constitution?

Thomas Jefferson, actually, wrote the entire constitution. John Adams wrote/rewrote the draft the Jefferson wrote, formally.

Who wrote the current Constitution of Japan?

After the Second World War, the Japanese Government wrote the first constitution but General Douglas Macarthur didn't accept it so he wrote the new constitution and forced the Japanese to accept it.

Who wrote an economic interpretation of the constitution?

wrote of economics

Who wrote the Wisconsin constitution?

people of Wisconsin that wrote it

Who were The constitution farmers?

they were the people who first wrote the constitution

What did Benjamin Franklin have to do with the U.S. Constitution?

he wrote the constitution

What does framers of the constitution mean?

The "framers of the constitution" mean the people who wrote the constitution.

What kind of men wrote the Constitution?

B R Ambedhkar wrote India's constitution who was known untouchable and of low class

Who wrote the constittution?

George Washington wrote the U.S. Constitution