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Mary Dowing Hahn

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What is the message of all the lovely bad ones

All the Lovely Bad Ones is by one of my favorite authors, Mary Downing Hahn.

Eleanor Duvall is the psychic in All The Lovely Bad Ones. She is also a ghost hunter.

Mary downing Hahn wrote all the lovely bad ones because when she was younger she would always see this old hotel and say she heard thing movie she thought if people died there. and they had secrets that no one else could see she thought all the lovely bad ones are comming back

"The happy ones; and sad ones; The sober and silent ones; the boisterous and glad ones; The good ones-Yes, the good ones, too; and all the lovely bad ones."

She was the woman that owned the poor farm. She was also the one who kill Seth, Ira, Caleb and All the Lovely Bad Ones.

No, sadly it is not a movie.

She is the main antagonist of the story.

All of them. However, some of the time, the answer is yes.

Travis, Corey, The bad ones (Seth, Ida, Caleb), Shadow Children, Miss Ada, Grandmother

The basic theme of "All the Lovely Bad Ones" is the lesson that one should not mess with or go into something or someplace you donâ??t belong. It also deals with selfishness and life even after death.

182 pages Not that many pages. It is a great book!

The main characters are Travis and Corey Donovan.

The theme of All the Lovely Bad Ones Mary Downing Hahn consists of various themes. Some of these are: Ghosts, the supernatural, consequences of disturbing the unknown, living conditions of those who are poor or are in poverty, and certain actions and how they lead to consequences.

The main characters were Travis and Corey. There was several other characters but those two were the MAIN ones

Travis is very shy and likes to keep to himself. But Corey is always up for a mystery.

The book takes place in the old times by a old poor farm. It takes place in the 1900's.

The ghost under the tree was Corey. She decided to dress up as a ghost to prank everyone at Fox Hill and make them think that there is a ghost. By them doing this they woke up Ira, Seth, and Caleb(The Bad Ones).

All cigarettes are bad for you but the really bad ones are the ones with a lot of tobacco and nicotine.

It is a very good book and it is about three kids they haunt these to kids that are going to there grandmas for the summer and they find out that fox hills is a place for people that have know where else to go.

They do not all die! Corey and Travis turn in the book with all of the deaths and what number they were assigned to. Then instead of getting separate stones they get one bug marble stone. After that Ida, Seth, and Celeb float up and become stars. :)

The problem in all the lovely bad ones is that Corey & Travis wake up the dead by pulling a prank. Now Corey & Travis have to help the 3 ghosts, Ira, Caleb, & Seth, by putting the dead back to sleep (Because they were tortured by Miss Ada & she awoke too). So Corey & Travis have to do three things to put them to sleep.Get Miss Ada's account book.Instead of numbers, put names & dates on the gravestones.Give Miss Ada an exorcise.Then that will put the ghosts to sleep.

There like all cars, you get good ones and bad ones.

All the points in Paris that are bad are all the ones that aren't good. Because if its good than it can't be bad, and if it's not good it must be bad.

Mj never wrote any bad songs, they were all good actually

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