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Q: Who wrote sonnets from the portuguese?
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Related questions

Which poet is famous for writing sonnets?

Petrarch was the famous poet who wrote sonnets.

Author of Sonnets from the Portuguese?

Elizabeth Barrett Browning

Why did Shakespeare write poems sonnets and plays?

He wrote plays because it was his job. He wrote long poems to publish and make money. He wrote sonnets for fun to give to his friends.

Who is the real writer of the Shakespeare plays and sonnets?

William Shakespeare wrote all the plays and sonnets, they have been saying that bard wrote them but William shakespeare fact wrote all of them.

How many sonnets or poems did Shakespeare make?

Shakespeare wrote total 154 sonnets

Who else wrote sonnets?


Shakespeare wrote 154 what?


Who wrote italian sonnets?


Did William Shakespeare write 154 historical sonnets?

He wrote 154 sonnets. That's a historical fact. The sonnets themselves do not deal with historical topics.

How many sonnets plays and long poems did William Shakespeare publish?

=I am not sure about long poems but he wrote 154 sonnets. =]==I hope I have helped you==-Hannah(:==I am not sure about long poems but he wrote 154 sonnets. =]==I hope I have helped you==-Hannah(:=

What is the rhyme scheme of Shakespeare's sonnets?

Shakespeare wrote 154 sonnets, most of which have the rhyme scheme ababcdcdefefgg.

What happened in the sonnets?

I am not sure which sonnets you are asking about; many poets wrote sonnets, 14 lines of poetry usually about love (whether losing it, longing for it, or being happy to have it). If you are asking about Shakespeare's sonnets, by most accounts, he wrote 154 of them. Without more information from you, I have no way of knowing which sonnet I should explain.

Who wrote sonnets to Laura?

Francesco Pretarch

What is the Tagalog version of Sonnets from the Portuguese number 43?

i dont know either., :)

Most recent poem William Shakespeare wrote?

No idea. If the sonnets are in the order he wrote them (no guarantees there) and he never wrote any poetry after the sonnets were published in 1609, then it is Sonnet CLIV. That's a lot of unconvincing assumptions.

How many sonnets are in a shakespeare sonnet?

He wrote 154 sonnets, but the rhyme scheme is ABAB CDCD EFEF GG

What is the meter in the poem Sonnets from the portuguese XLIII?

iambic pentameter - it's a Petrarchan sonnet!

What besides plays did shakespeare write?

He wrote sonnets.

Who wrote sonnets and narrative poetry with William Shakespeare?

Edmund Spenser

What inspired William Shakespeare to write poems play and sonnets?

He wrote plays for a living. It was part of his job. He also wrote his long poems Venus and Adonis and Rape of Lucrece specifically so that he could have them printed and sell a lot of copies. The sonnets were another matter. He wrote them to give to his friends, and did not mean them to be published. Francis Meres in 1597 described Shakespeare's sonnets as "his sugred sonnets among his private friends."

Who wrote plays and sonnets that focused on human emotions?

Euripides wrote plays but not sonnets. I think they are looking for Shakespeare here, although it could probably be any one of Shakespeare's contemporaries as well.

In Addition To Writing plays Shakespeare Also Wrote What?

He also wrote poems, particularly sonnets.

What type of poetry did Pablo Neruda write?

free verse He wrote in Sonnets, his book is 100 Love sonnets.

How many sonnets and poems do you know Shakespeare wrote?


What is Shakespeare's typical form of poetry?

Sonnets: he wrote 154 of them.