Who wrote the Holy Bible?

Updated: 10/18/2022
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The Bible is a collection of stories by many authors.

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Q: Who wrote the Holy Bible?
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Where is the Holy Bible that Jesus wrote?

Jesus never wrote a Bible. The Bible was written by around 40 people over 1500 years. Some of the Bible is about Jesus' life but Jesus never wrote any of the Bible

How many writers has written Bible?

About 40 people wrote bible by the inspiration of the Holy Spirit.

What Earthly Person wrote the most Chapters In The Holy Bible?


Who wrote The Bible of god?

It was written down by men of God . But the Holy Ghost wrote the KJV 1611.

Who wrote the Galatians holy Bible?

ThenBook of Galatians which is one of 66 books in the Bible was written by Paul

How many men wrote the Holy Bible?

There are 40 earthly authors of the Holy Bible. However, because it was divinely inspired, some would say one was the author and that is Holy Spirit.

Did the holy spirit prompt the writers of the bible to communicate the story of god with his people?

Yes. The Holy Spririt/God communicated the entire bible to different people and they wrote His words.

Who do christians believe wrote the bible?

Answer:Christians know that human authors wrote the books in the Bible, but they believe that God was the one who inspired these authors, and through the guiding of the Holy Spirit, they wrote the books.A. God.

Who has written the holy bible?

Ultimately God wrote the Holy Bible. He chose certain human authors to actually write the words on whatever they wrote on in that time, but it was God who put into their mind what to write down. The words they wrote were the words that God wanted in order to put down all truth.

What men did God use to write the bible?

God used many people to write the bible. One of them is Moses, he wrote the book of genesis. They writers of the bible are either instructed by God or inspired by the Holy spirit( the holy spirit tells them)

Who wrote the Catholic Holy Bible?

There isn't one person that wrote the bible. The words in the bible is the Word Of God. God told certain important people (probably priests etc.) what to write down and through them, His word was written.

How many man wrote the Bible?

Interestingly enough, 40. Which was considered a holy number back in those days.