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Task assigned to write Indian constitution was given to Constitution Assembly.

There were many people associated with different task.

But the whole group worked under chairmanship of Dr. RAJENDRA PRASAD. Many learned people were given important task under him. They were namely AN SINHA, kRIPLANI,AMBEDKAR to name a few.

Dr Rajendra Prasad was head of constitutional assembly which was instrumental in writing Indian constitution.

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Q: Who wrote the Indian Constitution?
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Five who wrote Indian constitution?

Dr.Rajendra Prasad

Who wrote preamble for Indian constitution?

jawarlal nehru

Who wrote Indian costitution?

There is not a specific person who wrote India's constitution although Dr. B.R. Ambedkar is regarded as 'Father of Constitution' because he was the head of Constituent Assembly. There was one constituent assembly who drafted the Indian constitution and took 3 years to complete it.

Who wrote the preamble to the constitution of the India?

Gouverneur Morris wrote the Preamble to the U.S. Constitution. Jawaharlal Nehru wroe the Preamble to the Indian Constituion

Who wrote first page of Indian constitution?

Actually the first page of the Indian constitution consists of a Preamblewhich is the introduction to the constitution of India so accordingly it was not written by someone it is decided or written by the framers of our constitution.

Who actually wrote or Calligraph the original manuscript of Indian Constitution?

The Constitution of India is a longest "Hand Written" constitution of any independent country of the world. The original manuscript of Indian constitution had been "Caligraphed" or written by Late Shree PREM BRHARI NARAIN RAIZADA of Delhi. For this big job he did not charge even a single penny from the Govt. of India. He wrote his name "PREM" on the border of every page of Indian constitution & on the last page he wrote his name along with his grand father name. These details are still available on the original manuscript of Indian constitution. More details very soon you can find out on

Who wrote the constitution of Ireland?

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Who wrote the first constitution?

thomas Jefferson wrote the first constitution

Who wrote Europe constitution?

Prince Dimitry of Russia wrote the constitution.

Who wrote Carolina's constitution?

John Locke wrote the constitution of Carolina.

Who wrote the constitution of indapendence of the US?

Who wrote the Constitution of the United states

Who wrote India constitution?

Dr. B.R Ambedkar wrote India's constitution.

Number of Chapters in Indian Constitution?

The Indian constitution has 22 chapters

Who is called father of Indian Constitution?

Dr.b.r.Ambedkar is the father of our Indian constitution .

Who is the guardian of the Indian constitution?

Supreme Court is the guardian of Indian constitution.

How many articles does Indian constitution have?

The Indian constitution have 395 Articles.

Who wrote the costitution?

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Who hand wrote the U.S. Constitution?

Jacob Shallus hand wrote the U.S. Constitution.

Who wrote Pennsylvania's first constitution?

William Penn wrote Pennsylvania's first constitution.

When was the Indian constitution formed?

The Indian constitution was established on 26th, January 1950

When was Indian Constitution enforced on 26th Jan 1950?

when was indian constitution enforced

Indian constitution was adopted in which year?

The Indian constitution was adopted in the year 1949.

What is the meaning of the preamble of the Indian constitution?

it is an introduction to the Constitution of India which puts ahead the basic ideals of the Indian constitution

How do you get a soft copy of the Indian constitution?

It is important to note that the Indian constitution is the property of the Indian government since it contains the seal of the Indian government. The soft copy of the Indian government constitution can be obtained by visiting the office of the judiciary.

Who is the author of the Massachusetts constitution?

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