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Jhonen Vasquez wrote Invader Zim.

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โˆ™ 2007-11-13 00:48:08
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Q: Who wrote the Invader zim tv show?
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How old is scoodge from the tv show invader zim?

Invader Scoodge is probably as old as Zim .

Who plays zim on the TV show Invader Zim?

Richard Steven Horvitz provides the voice of Zim .

What movie is Gir in?

Gir is in the TV show Invader Zim.

What tv show is gir on?

Invader Zim. I recommend watching it before you start talking about how awesome Gir is, because people who are real fans of Invader Zim and Gir will hate you for that.

How can you get your invader zim character on tv?

Maybe send in a letter requesting you would liike your character to be on the show.

Is invader zim better than any other tv show?

Invader Zim is better because it has a charm that makes it hilarious than the other shows. This might be off topic but for example, when you watch Spongebob Squarepants, its funny before you watch Invader Zim. But when you watch Invader Zim and compare the two, for sure Invader Zim is definetly funnier. Invader Zim helps with some subjects (take science for instance) in few episodes. Its certainly a better alternative to Spongebob nowadays, especially since spongebob's episodes have lost their funny touch. If you would like to watch Invader Zim to see how funny it is, in Canada you can watch it on Nickelodeon Fridays at 7:00 to 7:30. In Conclusion, Invader Zim is the best show better than any other show especially stupid spongebob. Well, for me.

What is zagr?

ZAGR stands for Zim And Gaz Romance. It is from the TV series Invader Zim. In the show, Zim and Gaz show no emotion whatsoever (besides annoyance) to one another, but, people like to pretend, even though the creator of the show hates it.

In the TV series Invader ZIM does zim like dib?

Zim hates Dib with every fiber of his SQUEEDLY SPOOCH!

Where can you get full length free invader zim episodes?


Will ivader zim come back on tv?

No -- Nick didn't have enough funds, and had to cut a show. invader Zim just happened to have its ratings lowered a bit, and -- Whamo!-- it was gone...

What day is invader zim comin back on tv?

Well if you have cable, the show should be on around 10/10:30-ish on Channel 122. And there have been rumors that Invader Zim was going to be on TV again next year with the rest of the incomplete episodes finished.

Why did Invader Zim get cancled?

Nickelodeon had desired a show for their older demographic when Invader Zim was greenlighted. Nickelodeon promoted Invader Zim for this purpose, but did not provide a time slot that the creators of the program thought suitable. Consequently the show suffered in the ratings therefore Nickelodeon canceled the series midway through its second season, leaving at least seven episodes and a planned television movie series finale unfinished.

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