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Marla Frazee is the author of Roller Coaster.

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Q: Who wrote the book called roller coaster?
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What is the primary factor limiting the speed of a roller coaster?

It's called you get a book and look it up. Yes i just said that!

An example of gravitational energy?

A roller coaster on the top of the ride Book on top of bookshelf Apple on top of table

What was the first roller coaster ever built?

There is some dispute as to who actually added wheels to the equation and created a rolling coaster. Robert Cartmell, who wrote the book The Incredible Scream Machine: A History of the Roller Coaster, gives the Russians credit for building the first wheeled machine. He states that it was in the Gardens of Orienbaum in St. Petersburg. Cartmell says that this ride was built in 1784 and featured carriages that undulated over hills within grooved tracks.

What are some of the attractions at Gold Coast Theme Parks?

The Gold Coast Theme Parks feature roller coasters mostly based on DC comic book characters. Some of the attractions include Superman: Escape From Kypton, a steel shuttle roller coaster, Arkham Asylum - Shock Therapy, a suspended steel coaster, Green Latern Coaster, a steel coaster, and Scooby-Doo Spooky Coaster, a steel wild mouse coaster.

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It's a roller coaster ride read. One must be on point to keep up. The plot intertwines and puts you right on the edge.

When was the peek of roller coaster?

The peak of coasters were in the 1920s-1940s. This is when the coaster first came to America and to coaster enthusiasts these years are considered the Golden Years. However, still to this day coasters are popular all around the world. For more info I suggest reading "The American Roller Coaster" by Scott Rutherford. It's a great book for history and everything you need to know about coasters.

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You need to write the paragraph, but think about what your science class has told you about forces and gravity. Use your book to help you.

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