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Who wrote the novel 'Change of Heart'?

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Jodi Picoult wrote Change of Heart. The novel is a story of about seeking redemption but being denied by law due to red tape. This book was a New York best seller.

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Who wrote the novel Interview with the Vampire?

Anne Rice wrote the novel in 1976.

Who wrote Europe's first psychological novel?

who wrote the 1st psyclogical novel

Who wrote rebecca the novel?

Daphne du Maurier wrote Rebecca (novel).

Who wrote the novel Gone With The Wind?

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It is good that you wrote you a novel against slavery. If published it can be a big hit.

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When was Where the Heart Is - novel - created?

Where the Heart Is - novel - was created on 1995-08-17.

When was Your Heart Belongs to Me - novel - created?

Your Heart Belongs to Me - novel - was created in 2008.

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