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Sherman Edwards wrote the music and Sid Wayne wrote the lyrics. The Tempos originally recorded the song in 1959.

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Who wrote the song miley cyrus's song see you again?

MIley wrote her song

Who wrote the theme song for NCIS Los Angeles?

LL Cool J wrote the theme song for NCIS: Los Angeles. The song, NCIS: No Crew Is Superior, was released in September 2009.

What does the song when September ends mean by greenday?

The singer, Billy Joe Armstrong wrote the song about his father's death

Who wrote the song let them see you in me?

The song was written by Scotty Wilbanks and JJ Weeks.

Who else sang the song see you in September?

The Association

Who wrote Ka Ka Katie and When?

Geoffrey O'Hara wrote the song in 1918. See the attached link.

Who wrote the song 'Don't Worry Be Happy'?

== == Bobby McFerrin, it was released in September of 1988

Who wrote the song united you stand?

See Wikipedia link below

Who wrote the song i see the lord seated on the throne?

Issac Watts

Who sang the song see you again?

Miley Cyrus, she wrote it and sang it.

Who write song see you again by Miley Cyrus?

Miley Cyrus wrote see you again.

Who wrote the song I Never See Maggie Alone?

everett lynton wrote the lyrics, music by harry tilsey

Who wrote the song Seasons of Love?

The song Seasons of Love was written and composed by the American playwright Jonathan Larson. The song is from the musical Rent which was released in September 1996.

Who sang the Christmas song do you see what I see?

Todd Agnew and many others but I don't know who wrote it.

What is the song See You again by Wiz Khalifa About?

His Friend named Paul died in car crash and wrote a song about it

Who wrote the song Go?

Newsboys wrote this song.

What movie was the song see you in September performed?

American Graffiti in 1973

When did the song see you in September come out?

Tempos-1959 Happenings-1966

Who sang the song chemistry of love in see you in September?

Taylor Swift

Who wrote the song called Earth Angel?

The person who wrote the Song titled Earth Angel would be a black Los Angeles composer who is named Jessie Mae Robinson. It was recorded in September 1954 by the Penguins.

Why did Green Day write 'Wake Me Up When September Ends'?

Billie Joe wrote the song about his father.

Who wrote the song almost here?

Who wrote the song almost.

Who wrote the song Blink?

Revive wrote the song Blink.

Who wrote the song Ready or Not?

Bridgit Mendler Wrote this song

Who wrote the song fireflies song by Owl City?

Adam Young wrote the song.