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Q: Who wrote the story of Plymouth and was elected second govner?
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Who wrote the story of Plymouth and was elected its second govener?

William Bradford

Who wrote the story plymounth and was elected its second governor?

William Bradford

What will you see if you go on tours of Plymouth MA?

If one goes on tours of Plymouth, MA, one will see the Plymouth Rock, Forefathers' Monument, etc. Plymouth is a rich historic site that tells the story of New England.

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How did the pilgrims end up in the Plymouth area?

The typical story goes that a "terrible storm" blew the pilgrims off course, but the real story is that the the Pilgrims wanted to land on Plymouth to start a Purtian colony that was only made of pure religious people.

How did Plymouth make money for England?

Plymouth made money for England by fishing and fur trading. also by killing soildiers then bringing there heads back to England. this is a true story.

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