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Jefferson purchased the Louisiana area from a country, France.

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For whom was the Lewis woodpecker named?

The Lewis woodpecker was named for Capt. Meriwether Lewis. Meriwether Lewis was co-leader of the expedition hired by Thomas Jefferson to explore the Louisiana Territory which was bought by the United States through the Louisiana Purchase.

Whom did Thomas Jefferson run against for president?

Thomas Jefferson ran against John Adams.

How did Jefferson manage to double the country's size who did you acquire this land from and whom did Jefferson send to explore the new land?

He managed to double the country's size in the Louisiana Purchase, in which the US bought most of the MidWest from France. Jefferson explorers Lewis and Clark to explore the land.

Whom founded the nation's first fire insurance company?

Thomas Jefferson Benjamin Franklan (Spelling??) Benjamin Franklan (Spelling??)...NOT THOMAS JEFFERSON

Whom did Jefferson defeat in 1800?

Thomas Jefferson defeated John Adams in the presidential election of 1800. Thomas Jefferson was running as a Democratic-Republican while John Adams ran as a Federalist.

What role did Great Britain play in the louisiana purchase-?

Great Britain's role in the Louisiana Purchase was that they were in a war with France, whom needed money due to this. Therefore, they sold the Louisiana Purchase to the US more willingly than if they weren't at war.

How many kids did Thomas Jefferson had when he got married?

Thomas Jefferson did not have children when he got married to his wife Martha. They had six children, only two of whom survived into adulthood.

How many slaves did Thomas Jefferson own?

Jefferson had several slaves, all of whom helped his estate at Monticello function.

Who was Thomas Jefferson's father?

Thomas Jefferson's father was Peter Jefferson, who worked as a cartographer. Thomas was the third of ten children born to his parents, of whom two died in infancy.

When where and by whom was the treaty known as the Louisiana Purchased signed?

The Louisiana Purchase was signed on April 30th 1803 in Paris by Robert Livingston, James Monroe, and Barbé Marbois.

Who was the President while Thomas Jefferson served as Vice-President?

John Adams was the president under whom Thomas Jefferson was Vice-President. From 1797 to 1801 John Adams was the President .Thomas Jefferson was the vice president of John Adams from 1797-1801. Later Jefferson became the president from 1801-1809.

What department did Washington create and whom did he appoint to head them?

The cabinet and he gave Thomas Jefferson Alexander hamilton. Edmound Randolph

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