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Whos the sexiest guy in the World?

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Malcolm Smith from Los Banos California.

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Who is the number one sexiest guy?

Liam hemsworth is the world sexiest guy.

Is Sparrow40k Really The Sexiest Guy Alive?

No, he is NOT the sexiest guy alive. I AM!

How Pretty Is Uriel?

Uriel is the sexiest guy in the world dam everyone would banqq him. hahaa he is the freaky kind of guy wink wink hahaa he will turn you on hahaa ! all girls love him cause he is the guy everyone wants he is the best and sexiest guy in the world !

Who is th sexiest guy in the whole world?

Dillon Black without a dought

Is joe Rooney the best person in the world?

yes, he is the nicest, sexiest, hottest, cutest, greatest guy in world

Whos the fattest guy in the world?

Shabea McCoy

Is ruben o the sexiest guy?

yes he is,he is the finest guy in the whole wide world. you should check him out. laureena has good taste

Is joe Jonas the sexiest guy alive?


Is Mitchel Musso cute?

yes he is he is the SEXIEST man in the world!!!!!!!! he beats every other guy on the planet!!!!!!!!!!

Whos the strongest guy in the world?

actually batista is probably the strngest man everrrrr

Who's the sexiest footballer in the world?

Kaka is the sexiest footba ller in the world

What is the sexiest animal in the world?

Cats are the sexiest animal in the world.

What is the sexiest thing a girl can do to a guy?

Get naked

What is the sexiest part about a guy?

His face and eyes.

Who was John H Taggart?

a guy whos human whos not a wrestler

Who reckons David Purcell is the sexiest guy on the planet?


Who is the sexiest female in the world and who is the most sexiest male?

harry styles

Who is the most sexiest teenager in the world?

some guy called Gerard odonnell hes from Ireland and geoff of home and away

What is the sexiest thing to do in bed for a guy and a girl?

Cowgirl or scissors

Who's got the sexiest female soles in the world?

Jennifer Lawrence has got the sexiest female soles in the world.

Whos Micheal taite?

a gay guy

What is the sexiest thing a guy and a girl can wear?

girl: overals and pigtails guy: a striped bikini

Who scored the winning goal in the1966 FIFA World Cup Final?

a guy whos last name was peters

Who is the voice of Diego?

The sexiest guy ever: Jake T. Austin

Who isn't the sexiest man?

The guy who had a gay relationship with Borat; SEXY!!!