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That is stave 3 and its when Ebenezer seea a light under his bedroom door and on opening it is confronted by the "The Ghost Of Christmas Present. He is a huge being surrounded by many of the good and plentiful things associated with the seaso. He states "Come in man, come in and know me well!" all the time laughing and being merry

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Scrooge heard Bob Cratchit's hearty laugh in the bright gleaming snow.

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The ghost of Christmas Present

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The Ghost of Christmas Present.

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Q: Whose hearty laugh did scrooge hear in the bright gleaming snow?
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Whose headstone does the spirit show to Scrooge?

The spirit shows Scrooge his own headstone in the book.

When was Ladies Whose Bright Eyes created?

Ladies Whose Bright Eyes was created in 1911.

How many pages does Ladies Whose Bright Eyes have?

Ladies Whose Bright Eyes has 363 pages.

Whose stripes and bright stars?

The flag has strips and bright stars

During whose reign did Christmas pick up again?


What did Scrooge ask the first ghost?

He asked whose past was he witnessing and was told his own

What did scrooge wife say had replaced?

Scrooge's wife said that his wealth had replaced love and compassion in his heart.

Whose the author of burning bright?

John Steinbeck

What happend when Scrooge touched the robe of the ghost?

Scrooge was magically transported through time and space to different places completely invisible to those whose lives he was witnessing

Who is short and made a lot of money with his business partner whose initials are e.s.?

Ebenezer Scrooge

What question did Scrooge ask the ghost as they stood among the graves?

He wanted to know whose name was on the tombstone. ____ Scrooge asked, "Are these the shadows of the things that Will be, or are they shadows of the things that May be, only?"

Whose path was the ghost going to show Scrooge?

The ghost of Christmas Yet to Come was going to show Scrooge his own grave as a warning of the future consequences of his actions if he did not change his ways.