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Dude Egyptians don't eat sand, and even if they did, no. It is NOT healthy at all.

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Q: Why are sand healthy for the Egyptians?
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What types of crops were grown by the acient Egyptians?


What did the poor ancient egyptians do with their dead?

They were buried in sand

What did the egyptians use to dry out the body for mummifying it?


Where did Egyptians come from?

the egyptioans came from the msand and god. of course. the egyptians came from the sand and god. of course.

What are the Egyptians houses like today?

they are like sand stone.

Where did Ancient Egyptians come from?

the egyptioans came from the msand and god. of course. the egyptians came from the sand and god. of course.

Where does all the sand come from in ancient Egypt?

Well you see the sand comes from all the people the ancient Egyptians sacrificed.

What types of materials did the ancient Egyptians work with?

rocks, sand, mud and writing

How did Egyptians make glass in 3500 BC?

by fusing sand soda and lime

A beach that has an abundant sand supply is said to be a healthy beach True or false?

Yes, a healthy beach has an abundant sand supply. Healthy beaches also have tidal pool systems that develop constantly.

Why didn't the egyptians use sand instead of stone blocks?

It is because Egyptians were smart enough to make stone blocks. But even if they used sand, it would be destroyed by the next day because of natural forces.

What are the dangers of eating sand?

The main danger of eating sand is loss of healthy enamel that cannot be regained

What did ancient Egyptians use for the shelter?

in homes that are made from mud and sand which makes brick.

Are tortoises suposst to have dirt or sand in their sandboxes?

sand not dirt because dirt does not have healthy ingredients in it for the tortoise or turtle

Why was embalming important to the egyptians.?

Embalming was important to the Egyptians because it developed a method for the bodies to be preserved in a way which it would stay healthy and not decay.

What did Ancient Egyptians use for defense?

they used the red land a walls to protect the nile river and egyptians the red land was to burn the foes feet and the walls were built to protect the nile river and the people. Then, they used Mesopotamia and the wet sand to make quick-sand by agitating the sand (ex. Mixing quickly). The they hid lava under the sand.

A beach that has an abundant sand supply is said to be a healthy beach?


What is a symbiotic relationship that involves the sand cat?

The relationship between the sand cat and humans. Apparently, Ancient Egyptians kept them as pets and they were loving, loyal, sacred animals. it offered companionship for both the human and animal. The sand cats got food and affection and the Ancient Egyptians got affection and a new best friend.

Will eating sand harm my unborn baby?

This is not healthy for any of you and you need to tell your doctor because you are lacking something and that is why you crave sand.

What are 3 natural barriers the ancient Egyptians had for protection in the Old Kingdom?

ocins the sand desert lions

How did the egyptians build the sphinx?

With patience, sand stone, hand tools and an endless supply of slave labor.

What type of climate did egyptians have?

It is believed that the weather was very humid. The sand enabled archaeologists to know the approx. temperatures.

Do bottle nose dolphins live by shores?

no because the sand isn't healthy for them and it is to small

What did Egyptians have in their tombs?

Food, games, furniture, shabti statues, the Book of the Dead, and money are some of what was held in the Egyptian's tombs. Only rich Egyptians had tombs. Poor Egyptians were buried in the sand. Egyptians also mummified their animals such as dogs and cats to keep with them in their tombs. To be mummified Egyptians had to be "inbombed". Inbombing for King Tut took 70 days.

When was the body of the sphinx discovered?

The Sphinx has always been known by the Egyptians and has been there for thousands of years. At times sand has covered it and in the late 1700's historians dug the sand away.