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Q: Why can a balloon be attracted to a woolen cloth after rubbing the two?
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What kind of electricity does rubbing an inflated rubber balloon with a woolen cloth produce?

static electricity

What type of electric charge is acquired if a rubber balloon is rubbed with a woolen cloth?

Static charge

What will happened to the sand if you placed the balloon rubbed with woolen cloth near it?

the sand would stand up

What will happen if a polythene rod rubbed with dry woolen cloth brought near another polythene rod also rubbed with a dry woolen cloth?

Both rods acquired charge of the same polarity during the rubbing process, so there will be a force of repulsion between them.

What will happen if a glass ruler is rubbed vigorously on a woolen cloth?

A plastic ruler is rubbed vigorously with a woolen cloth

Coarse woolen cloth?


Why is the balloon attracted to the wool cloth?

because the ballon have more electrons than the protons on the cloth,therefore, the electrons wil b moved from the balloons to the cloth and the attraction occurs.

What cannot be charged easily by friction 1 a plastic scale 2 a copper rod 3an inflatted balloon 4a woolen cloth?

i have empty ideas

Does a silk cloth rubbed on a balloon cause positive or negative charge?

Negative. Rubbing fabric onto a balloon causes an electron buildup on the balloon surface because its material has high insulative properties.

What happens when a balloon is rubbed with a piece of wool?

When rubbing a balloon with a wool cloth, it puts negative charges on the balloon. Negative charges attract to positive charges. If a balloon is not rubbed with the wool cloth, it has an equal amount of negative to positive charges, so it will attract to a rubbed balloon. When both balloons are rubbed with the wool cloth, the both receive negative charges, so they will repel each other.

What will happen to the balloon when you put it against the wall after rubbing it with a wool cloth?

The balloon should have a small static electric charge which is enough to make it stick to the wall for a short time.

What is a hand woven woolen cloth called?


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