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Most authors write stories that are relatable in life or sometimes based on fantasies, but what is more important are the lessons we get from those.

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Who wrote the story ''twilght''?

the author of the story twilight is Stephenie Meyer and i think that vanessa hudgens will play the role of Bella but i think its a rumor!!

What was the author's purpose for writing the story The Third Wish?

The author wrote this story to inspire readers.

Why did vs Reid wrote the story books he had written?

he wrote it because he is an author

Who is the author of short story Lament?

Shalom Auslander wrote that short story...

From the story the lucky stone How does the author develop this idea in the story?

who wrote the story the lucky stone

Which author wrote the famous fictional story ' Jungle Book'?

Rudyard Kipling wrote it.

Why did the author wrote Charlotte's web?

I think the author was giving a story about values. Coincidences of the number of Charlotte's eggs and that number in the Bible, where "Salutations" is used seem to bring the story and Bible verse together for me.

Who wrote the story A Boy and His Blob?

The author who wrote the story A Boy and His Blob was WayForward Technologies and was published by Majesco Entertainment. It is not necessarily a story, but a WII game which has a story in it.

What is the purpose if an author writes an exciting story?

You can figure this answer out if you think about what you just wrote down! What would be the purpose of something being exciting?

Who is Delfin Fresnosa?

He is an author. He wrote the short story "Dark"

Who wrote the story Brahminy?

Colin Thiele is the author of Brahminy.

Who wrote the short story called the monkey's paw?

English author W. W. Jacobs wrote the short story The Monkey's Paw

Who wrote the book I too had a love story?

Ravinder Singh is the author of I Too Had A Love Story.

Who is the author of Goldilocks?

Robert Southey wrote The Story of the Three Bears.

Author Wolff wrote This Boy's Life?

i think he did

How is the author or bunnicula?

Bunnicula`s author like horror movies. And he wrote horror story to.

What author wrote the short story 'The Last Leaf'?

O Henry wrote 'The Last Leaf'

Who wrote the short story Notes From a Bottle?

James Stevenson is the author of the short story Notes from a Bottle.

Who is Taylor swift's designer for Love Story?

I think she wrote it herself.

What do you think the author tend to portray about life when she wrote Diary of a wimpy kid?

I think the author tends to portray that life is a journey when she wrote Diary of a Wimpy.(0

What is the author purpose in a story?

The authors purpose in a story is the purpose or reason a author wrote a story.Example the author could write for inform, entertain there are lots more but there are a few. :)

Who is the author of west side story?

Arthur Laurents wrote the book. Leonard Bernstein wrote the music, and Stephen Sondheim wrote the lyrics.

Which Italian author wrote the original story Pinocchio?

theatre de paris

Who is the author of the story an astrologer day?

R.K Narayan wrote the astrologers day

Who wrote the classic holiday story how the Grinch stole Christmas?

The author was Dr.Seuss.