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Q: Why should teachers consider the interrelationship between language and culture of ELLs and at varying English proficiency levels?
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Concept development and its relationship with learning?

Concept and learning are subjected to teachers efficiency/proficiency.

How many teachers are language teachers?


Why should teachers be familiar with and incorporate the ell proficiency standards into their daily instruction?

I like the answer. That person is very SMART.

What are the factors that affect filipino's English proficiency?

The factors that affect the English proficiency of the filipinos are too much use of vernacular and lack of confidence in using the English language. Too much use of vernacular for the reason that students and even teachers uses their vernacular during class even if the subject is science, math and other subjects whose medium of instruction is in English. First, Teachers tend to use their dialect while teaching that they forget to use english as the medium of instruction because they believe that it would be easy for the students to understand the lesson. Second, students don't have listening and speaking activities inside the classroom especially during English calss. Moreover, students and teachers don't have the needed exposure for language learning. The other reason is the lack of confidence in using the language because filipinos are so conscious about what other people will say if their articulation is not that good. As a result they rather use their dialect/ vernacular when conversing. In general, proper exposure (listening and speaking activities)to English language learning and confidence in using it are the factors that affect the Filipinos proficiency in using the English language.

What degree is needed to teach ESL?

You don't need a degree however I've taught oversees ESL courses before since I know English and German and they did require that I have a teachers license. I think any company that would hire you would like to know your proficiency with the English language and having your teachers license would be a big plus.

What is an english as a second language licence?

An 'english as a second language' license allows teachers to teach non-english speakers the English language. It is primarily to assist teachers teach English as a second language to those who do not know it.

How hard-driving do your most recent managers or teachers consider you to be?


Name an occupation where you might hear foul language?


What are degrees equal to BEd for Hindi language teachers?


How does your school currently assess language proficiency and how does it use the results?

I live and teach in CA. All schools in the state give students language proficiency testing when they enter school. The students are then identified on a scale from non-english to proficient. The students are then placed in classrooms where the teacher has been trained in language acquisition ( CLAD or SAIDE teachers) and the class everyday gets 30 minutes of language acquisition activities. Depending on the school, some children go to a different classroom, some get individual instruction from a specialized teacher, and some use different textbooks. Yet, when state testing happens ALL students are given the same test in English and not given special help.

Should language arts in language arts teachers be capitalized?

if you r using formal writing, yes but if not, NO

What is the name of your fantastic and awesome language Arts teacher?

my language arts teachers name is Mrs. Gabriel

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