Why BPO after MBA?

Updated: 11/9/2022
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i will start writing to this question with one word "It Depends" yes it depends on ones choice if someone has got interest in working with BPO than he/she will go for BPO doesn't matter what he/she has done.

A few of us thinks that BPO is a useless place to work with but lemme clear it in India BPO industry is way better than other industries and this industry is full of scopes and opportunities.

A MBA can also join BPO industry if the job profile mates with his/her specialization and expectation another thing is BPO provides an excellent working environment and if you don't want to get screwed up from some cheap marketing employers than certainly BPO industry is a best option, more over you will get a handsome amount in terms of salary.

last but not the least if you are passed out from an ordinary college or a business school either with low grades or with low ex poser than certainly you should go for a BPO job. They will nourish your skills and you will get some real time good ex poser

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Q: Why BPO after MBA?
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