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Q: Why C-CL bond length is shorter in vinyl chloride than in ethyl chloride?
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Why vinyl chloride is less reactive ethyl cloride?

In case of vinyl chloride Chlorine undergoes the conjugation of vinyl grope having having resonating structure vinyl chloride acquire Double Bond character hence it is difficult to form easily. H2C=CH is less stable. In case of ethyl chloride there is only single bond then it is easier to break then vinyl chloride is less reactive then ethyl chloride. CH3=CH2 IS more stable.

Poly vinyl chloride element or mixture?

poly vinyl chloride is a polymer made by polmerisation of vinyl chloride.

What is CH2CHCL?

PVC or Poly(vinyl chloride) PVC or Poly(vinyl chloride)

What is Vinyl Chloride Monomer used for?

Vinyl chloride is a chemical intermediate, not a final product. Due to the hazardous nature of vinyl chloride to human health there are no end products that use vinyl chloride in its monomer form. Polyvinyl chloride is very stable, storable, and nowhere near as acutely hazardous as the monomer. Vinyl chloride liquid is fed to polymerization reactors where it is converted from a monomer to a polymer PVC. The final product of the polymerization process is PVC in either a flake or pellet form. From its flake or pellet form PVC is sold to companies that heat and mold the PVC into end products such as PVC pipe and bottles. Tens of billions of pounds of PVC are sold on the global market each year. Until 1974, vinyl chloride was used in aerosol spray propellant. Prior to the removal of vinyl chloride from hair spray the accumulation of vinyl chloride vapor in hair salons may have exceeded the NOAEL (No Observable Adverse Effect Level) exposure guidelines. Vinyl chloride was briefly used as an inhalational anaesthetic, in a similar vein to ethyl chloride, though its toxicity forced this practice to be abandoned.

Is vinyl the same as PVC?

Vinyl plastic and PVC are often the same thing. PVC is polyvinyl chloride and it is a type of vinyl polymer.

What is the example of insulator?

common example is PVC (poly vinyl chloride) a polymer of vinyl chloride

What is the chemical equation for vinyl chloride?

The chemical formula for vinyl chloride is C2H3Cl, or in semi-structural notation, H2C=CHCl.

Which chemical is used in greater quantities than any other?

Dihydrogen oxide -- which is water. Some petroleum-derived chemicals in very wide modern use are ammonia, ethyl alcohol, ethylene, and vinyl chloride.

What do the initials PVC stand for?

poly vinyl chloride Polyvinyl Chloride

How do you know if your record is made from vinyl and not PVC?

PVC stands for poly VINYL chloride.

How do you say vinyl chloride and chloro benzene similar to is allyl chloride and benzyl chloride similar?


What is the polymer of PVC?

The monomer of Polyvinylchloride (PVC) is vinyl chloride!! which is simply a hydrogen atom replaced by a chlorine atom in ethylene (monomer for polyethylene) i.e CH2=CHCl. Hope this helps.