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A Tale of Two cities is set in the French Revolution. The two cities are London and Paris, and the action of the plot takes place in the 1790s.

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What is the main conflict in A Tale of Two Cities?

The main conflict in A Tale of Two Cities is The French Revolution or Indiviual vs. Self.

Very brief summary of Tale of Two Cities by Dickens?

TALE OF TWO CITIES IS told during the time of french revolution

What is tale of 2 cities about?

A Tale of Two Cities is about life in London and in Paris. It takes place just before, and during, the French Revolution. It is about the demoralization of the French peasantry.

Is anything in Tale of Two Cities real?

Yes, it is based on the French Revolution.

Is the Tale of Two Cities a fiction?

It is a fiction were characters are concerned. But the French revolution was real.

Is Tale of Two Cities a true story?

No but it's based upon events during the French revolution

What is the subject matter of Tale of Two Cities?

A picture of life in England and France during the French Revolution.

What are the Jacques in Tale of Two Cities?

The Jaques Three are revolutionaries. They assist in the Defarges' leading of the French Revolution.

Compare the Jacquerie and A Tale of Two Cities?

A Tale of Two Cities focuses on the French Revolution, 1789-1799. The Jacquerie occurred in France during the Hundred Years' War, in 1358. More than 400 years separate the two, but they were both uprisings of the peasantry against suppression by the nobility.

A Tale of Two Cities is Set in?

A Tale of Two Cities is set partially in London and partially in Paris during the French Revolution--around 1775 is when the novel begins, and it spans several years.

A Tale of Two Cities what is the setting?

FranceAlthough more specifically Paris and London during the French Revolution.

When was A Tale of Two Cities written?

1859, around 80 years following the French Revolution, which is the setting of the novel.

What was the point of A Tale of Two Cities?

To tell the reader what the French Revolution was like from his point of view for A+ its third person

Who took French people away to be guillotined?

The British took away French rebels to be guillotined. A good book about the French revolution is "A Tale of Two Cities."

In A Tale of Two Cities what does the title refer to?

The title refers to the two cities that Dickens features, London and Paris, during the time of the French Revolution.

Are the Defarges members of the french nobility in the story A Tale of Two Cities?

No, they are in fact members of the lowest class in French society, the class that initiated the Revolution.

A Tale of Two Cities novel summary?

A Tale of Two Cities was written in 1859 by Charles Dickens. It is about peasants living in squalor in France in the years preceding the French revolution and compares it to the poor people living in London.

What was theTime place and setting in A Tale of Two Cities?

France (I think England, too), the French Revolution and the Reign of Terror (1789-1793).

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