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Why Did Langston Hughes Write Dreams?


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Langston Hughes wrote "Dreams" because he had known that dreams can come here and there, but he also knew that dreams can never be let go or taken from as of in his image.

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Langston Hughes wrote this piece dreams in 1926.

It was written in the year of 1926

Dreams, aka Dreams Deferred, is a poem written by Langston Hughes. The poetic devices used by Hughes are analysis and commentary.

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Dreams Deferred also known as Harlem was written in 1926

Salvation was written in 1940 as part of Langston Hughes' autobiography..

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It is believed that Langston Hughes was inspired to write poetry by his rough upbringing in Cleveland, Ohio.

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Langston hughes started writing poetry when he was in high school

There is an example of alliteration in the poem dreams by Langston Hughes. It can found in line 2, "for if dreams die". Other writing devices that are utilizedin this poem are rhyme, repitition, and metaphor (extended metaphor as well).

Metaphor, diction, imagery, and allusion

Langston Hughes accomplished his dreams by starting a writing career. He is the first African American man to provide a living for himself through writing.

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