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Why Did medieval knights wear heavy armor?

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To protect themselves in battle.

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heavy armorIn medieval times, knights wore armour when going in to battle.

in medieval Europe in the 500-1500

Medieval foot soldiers could have armor of leather or other materials but the heavy metal armor of the knights was too costly for a foot soldier to buy. It was also too heavy for a foot soldier to wear while walking into battle.

Today one can simply wear an armor and call himself a knight, back in medieval you had to be a noble.

The knights wore armor to protect their bodies. The armor usually covered them from head to toe. Also the armor they wore were heavy but durable for battle.

knights wear armor such as mail that protects their upper half

Answer That was the age of which they wore suits of Armor. It is a very interesting subject to learn!

The wear shining armor.

Knights wore a suit of Armor as protection.

Knights wore chain mail and steal armor

knights were mettel armor with a lair of chain under it.

They wore steel armor that covered their whole body. their weapons were a sword, a lance, a mace and also had a shield made of steel also.

This often refers to medieval chain mail and metal armor wear.

They would wear suits of metal plate armor, but early knights wore tough leather

gulet ................... It is called "Sabaton" or "Solleret" which covers the foot of an armor but generally they used to wear simple leather shoes or boots because heavy or pointy metal footwear on muddy wet ground severely hinder movement.

World of Warcraft: Yes, Death Knights can wear the Bind to Account heirloom armor if they have an 80 on their account with the means to get it.

No, hunters can however wear medium and light armor.

knights wore metal armor which was very hard to carry on because it weighed many pounds!

Knights wear armor as primary protection for their bodies. It was also an indication of their status as part of a military and social elite.

Any type of metal-plated armor.

Some wear a garter hence Knights of the Garter (K.G.). Knights might also wear woolen under garments. When not wearing amour (modern day) on official functions, they wear a cap and robe.

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