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Check the slave cylinder. That's what usually leaks.

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How do you adjust a clutch on a 1987 Pontiac Fiero?

There is no clutch adjustment. The clutch is hydralic and therefore needs no adjustment. If the clutch isn't working correctly you most likely have to bleed the clutch line.

Why wont transmission go into gear when running in my 1991 egale talon?

most likely the clutch is going. you can try checking to see if there is air in the hydralic lines though, that might take care of it

Is the clutch or the linkage the problem when a car can be put into gear but doesn't move.?

Most likely the clutch is shot. When the clutch plate can't engage with the transmission there will be slippage between the engine and the drive wheels.

Why does your 94 5 speed mitsubishe 3000 gt not come out of neutral when you shift the gears?

The clutch hydraulics have a problem is the most likely issue Either clutch master cylinder or clutch slave cylinder

Would the clutch pedal going to the floor and staying on the floor be just the clutch going out or what could it be if so and how do you replace the clutch on a 2001 Maxima?

You should not attempt to replace the clutch yourself unless you have considerable mechanical skills. In this case, the problem is most likely that the spring holding the clutch pedal in place is broken.

Clutch pedal won't return 2000 Nissan maxima?

sounds like your slave cylinder is bad or your clutch, find your clutch fluid reservoir and see if its full ,if not look for a leak if there is a leak most likely that's the problem and needs replacing.

What is wrong if you have a 1994 Probe that wont go into 2ND 4TH or Reverse pushing clutch all the way in but will go into 1ST 3RD and 5TH shifting hard recently?

Most likely, the clutch or the clutch pilot bearing is dragging. This is caused by clutch hydraulic leaks not letting the clutch fully disengage or the clutch pressure plate/disc/flywheel is warped. Crawl under the car, (engine off)have a friend push/release pedal, see if slave cylinder throw seems adequate and look for leaks. If throw is short, problem is in the clutch hydraulics; if throw is normal, problem is the clutch.

Why won't my car start after replacing the thermostat?

The most likely problem is the crank or cam sensor. Dripping coolant could be in the connectors, or possibly one was hit and damaged during installation.

What is the smell when using the clutch?

More than likely you are splipping the clutch and the s mell is the facing of the clutch burning off.

Your clutch feels like a the brake?

Have a look at: Clutch slave cylinder Clutch cable More than likely the clutch itself has broken spring(s)

Why do I have to force my car into gear?

Could depend on the age of the vehicle, but most likely a problem with your clutch, but it's more likely that it's your transmission, have everything checked out to make sure everything's working properly.

John deere 155c - pull to engage blades and blows fuse?

This is most likely a blade clutch problem. Many times they short and have to be replaced.

Why would the clutch be sticking to the floor of a 1993 Mazda mx-6?

Hello, Jamison here, Your car has A hydrolic clutch,, There are A couple of things that will cause your problem, LOW FLUID, BAD master or slave cylinder, And the LEAST likely, Your clutch disc or cover is broken,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Good luck, Jamison.

Why would your 1989 Jeep over heat in traffic?

Fan has a problem, probably a bad fan clutch. If you can spin it easily when the engine is off it is most likely bad.

You just had your clutch and rear seal replaced Rear seal was fine but since they were in there you had them do it Now the rear seal seems to be leaking They think it is the intake valve Any opinions?

If there is oil dripping out of the bottom of you clutch housing then the seal is leaking and more than likely they damaged the seal during install. Intake valves do not leak oil. I would go to a different shop

What does a clear liquid dripping from your car mean?

most likely is the condensation from the AC, completely normal

What does it mean when your bathroom fan is dripping water it only happens in the winter months?

Water condensation following hot showers causes water to drip from various fixtures in a room, specially in winter months when the humidity is lower. The solution to this problem is not pretty. Take cold showers and the water dripping from your fixtures will likely go away.

What could cause engine noise that stops when clutch is pushed in?

Many things, but a clutch bearing seems likely.

Why does the clutch make a thumping noise and slip when going up a hill?

the clutch sliping is normally due to worn friction material and if the car judders when the thumping takes place like its about to stall this is most likely the problem caused by coasting alot or just age and normal wear might need a new clutch answer if clutch is slipping, have it adjusted, but with thumping noise and slipping , u need a new clutch get it doe before you need to be towed

Need to know why your clutch fluid keeps draining out and you have no clutch?

Most likely it is the slave cylinder on the transmission. you need to check clutch cylander for leaks only place it can leak is the clutch cylander or the fluid line

What will cause the ac clutch to not run?

BAD RELAY answer bad switch bad relay and most likely, bad clutch

Why 2002 jeep grand Cherokee Laredo keeps running hot while idle?

If it cools down at speed you have a fan problem. Most likely the fan clutch has gone bad.

If clutch on air compressor is disengaged and noise continues is the compressor bad?

If the clutch disengages properly then the compressor should not be running. Most likely the clutch itself is bad instead of the compressor.

How do you adjust the clutch in a 1993 Saturn SL?

The 1993 Saturn used a self adjusting hydraulic clutch system on the manual transmission vehicles. As such, the clutch never needs adjustment. If you're having trouble with the clutch, it is most likely because of a worn or damaged clutch assembly.

Does the water dripping outside from my air conditioning unit have freon in it?

No, the freon is in a sealed piping system. The water dripping outside is most likely due to condensation. Plus, freon is a gas under normal atmospheric conditions.

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