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CDMA is patented by Qualcomm -- So additional fees need to be paid to Qualcom for its use. This limits its appeal in international markets. GSM has no such patents and is an international standard. That's my guess atleast.

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Q: Why GSM more used than CDMA?
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Are CDMA cell phones better than GSM cell phones?

Right now the best coverage to have with your cell phone carrier is GSM. This service is used much more than CDMA and will give you a larger range. It all depends on what exactly you are looking for.

Is CDMA better or gsm to be used in egypt?

does cdma work in egypt

Why do CDMA phones get heated up while talking?

Calculations!!! CDMA Does lot more calculations than CDMA and Chip gets heated. its GSM rather

Which one is better GSM or CDMA mobile?

This depends on where you are, but 9 times out of 10 CDMA will provide better coverage than GSM, especially inside buildings that GSM can't penetrate. GSM= work with SIMcards ( ATT,T-mobile) some areas have better coverage than CDMA (Verizon, Sprint, Alltel ect), the Problem with GSM is that its bandwith is not as fast as CDMA since Data travels quicker on CDMA's devices due to less steps to follow : GSM= Data - SIMcard - device= response CDMA= Data - Device= Response (wider bandwith as well) so i would say that CDMA is better than GSM. Although it has been very widely reported that GSM carriers have faster speeds than CDMA carriers. Such as AT&T has far faster speeds than CDMA networks while covered.

What type of antenna is used in gsm and CDMA?

Can MNP be applied from CDMA to gsm?

yes you can change gsm to cdma via mnp.

Can you put the CDMA sim card to the gsm phone?

CDMA and GSM are Radio technologies and mobile Phone is just an Antenna to receive these Radio Signals. Since both the technologies work on different frequency range and has different modulation shemes therfore the mobile phones for both are different.Apart from this 3G tehchnology which is combination of both GSM and CDMA (WCDMA) is compatible with both GSM and CDMA. So a 3G mobile can serve for both GSM and CDMA radio signals.SIM (Subcriber Idendity Module) is consists of Credential for network authorization. Since Both GSM and CDMA technologies has different Authorization functions and parameters hence both SIMs are different. Note: In CDMA technology SIM is often called as RUIM (Removable User Idendity Module).CDMA uses Different Frequencies than GSM. CDMA also does not require a SIM card.Now some companies do provide SIM cards for CDMA connections also, such as Reliance communications and TATA Indicomm in India.CDMA can hold more calls per channel on their towers, while GSM drops alot of calls. That is why people are always complaining about T-Mobile and At&t dropped calls. GSM is used internationally while CDMA is mostly used in the domestic United States. CDMA carriers are Verizon, Alltel, Sprint, Cricket....while GSM carriers here in the U.S. are T-Mobile and At&t.

Vietnam use gsm or CDMA?


Which is best CDMA or gsm?

CDMA, offers better data transfer

What is gsm or CDMA?

GSM = Global System for Mobile communications. CDMA = Code Division Multiple Access.

What if operating frequency for CDMA network in yemen?

cdma gsm

Is Smart Philippines GSM or CDMA carrier?