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Q: Why Is distance divided by time and frequency times wavelength are equivalent for a wave?
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How do you find wavelength when distance is given?

Wavelength = speed divided by frequency. Speed = distance divided by time. Therefore: Wavelength = distance divided by (frequency x time). You therefore need to know the frequency of the wave and the time it takes to travel in unit time.

Relationship between frequency velocity and wavelength?

Wavelength = (speed) divided by (frequency) Frequency = (speed) divided by (wavelength) Speed = (frequency) times (wavelength)

How does frequencey relate to wavelength?

Frequency = (wave speed) divided by (wavelength)Wavelength = (wave speed) divided by (frequency)Wave speed = (frequency) multiplied by (wavelength)

How do the properties of waves affect the speed frequency and period of waves?

Period = (1) divided by (frequency) = (wavelength) divided by (speed)Frequency = (1) divided by (period) = (speed) divided by (period)Speed = (wavelength) times (frequency) = (wavelength) divided by (period)Wavelength = (speed) divided by (frequency) = (speed) times (period)

What is relation between wave speed and frecuency?

Speed = (frequency) times (wavelength) Frequency = (speed) divided by (wavelength) Wavelength = (speed) divided by (frequency)

How do you calculate the wavelength of frequency?

Wavelength = (speed of the wave) divided by (frequency)

Frequency equals speed divided by what?

Frequency = speed divided by wavelength

How are frequency speed and wavelength related?

they are related by the equation velocity=frequency*wavelength

When working with waves frequency x equals speed?

When working with waves ... or even just talking about them ... (frequency) = (speed) divided by (wavelength) (wavelength) = (speed) divided by (frequency) (frequency) times (wavelength) = (speed)

How do you calculate the wavelength?

Wavelength = (wave speed) divided by (frequency)

Frequency divided by the speed of light equals?

That would be the reciprocal of wavelength.( 1 ) divided by (wavelength) .

If frequency is tripled what happens to wavelength?

If frequency is multiplied by three, wavelength is divided by three. Higher frequency, shorter wavelength.