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Mahabharat is one of the gretest and oldest epics of the world. According to belief and evidence which are being found, it was written about 2000-3000 BC. Because the rivers, the situations of stars and planets and situation of areas, rivers and forests mentioned in it could be found then. Though story is written in epic style still it is related to history and the life style of that time. Since no civiliztion except roman and few other are as old as indian civilization, it was hard for most of the scholars to believe that any civilization so developed and technologically superior could exist 3000-2000 B.C. But if they strain their brain they would get to know that civilization and science keeps on grow and decline.. same is the case with Mahabharat. The time when it was written civilization was well developed and scientfic ahich has been mentioned in poetic style.

Now why Mahabharat is the great national epic of India.. Becaus it has been written in highly poetic style using several figures of speech and poetic tools. It is well woven. No epic or poem, in the world is equal to it. It guides human race with the greatest philosophy of the world "Geeta" where a man is told about "Karm Yog". It is spiritual, it is practical, it is scientfic as well as it tells you the way of the world. All the incidents that take place in the world, can be found in Mahabharat only. It is simply unique and greatest of all the literatures. If you understand it only, you are able to understand the psychology of human kind..

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The Mahabharata is considered the great national epic poem of India because of its vast scale, rich narrative, and profound philosophical teachings. It showcases the struggles between righteousness and evil, and provides moral lessons that are still relevant today. The diverse characters and intricate plot make it a timeless literary and cultural masterpiece that resonates with people across generations in India.

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Q: Why Mahabharata is the great national epic poem of India?
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Great Indian epic?

I think it is Mahabharata

India's first journalist?

Sanjay, who narrated the epic Mahabharata

What is the ancient religious epic of India and includes Bhagavad Gita?

The Mahabharata

What are the answers to the mahabharata worksheet?

Mahabharata is an epic poem of Hinduism. It shows people ideas of Ancient India & Hinduism.

Which of these epic poems has a part called the Bhagavad-Gita which is an important Hindu scripture?

The epic poem is known as Mahabharata. Mahabharata is the story of a huge war in Ancient India. Bhagwat geeta is a part of Mahabharata.

What is the epic poem Mahabharata mainly about?

the struggle between the Pandavas and Kauravas in India

Mahabharate is the sacred witting to what religion?

The Mahabharata is an epic associated with Hinduism and India in particular.

When Mahabharata include 1 thousands poem then what its to b called?

It is a great epic

What is a summary of mahabharata?

The Mahabharata is an epic tale from ancient India. It is one of the longest epic stories in the world and is rumored to have been written by Ganesh, himself. The story talks about the myths of Hinduism, Hindu behavior and ethics, and Hindu mythology.

What film was the 'Mahabharata' dedicated to?

'The Mahabharata' is a film and it is based on the Sanskrit epic from ancient India. It was originally a 6 hour TV series but was reduced to 3 hours for a movie release.

Is it true that the Mahabharata is the longest poem in any written language?

Certainly, Mahabharata is an epic poem written India sanskrit. It is the biggest poem known to mankind In any language.

The Epic Mahabharata is famous for which game?

The gambling game is what Mahabharata is famous about.